My Hair-O-Scope!

Hey there!

So recently I found out about a company called Madison Reed who have ‘re-engineered permanent colour to give women everywhere a healthier, high performance option at home’, and as someone who has been to the hairdressers less than 5 times in her life, being able to have healthier colour that I can achieve at home is something that really interests me. I am also super indecisive when it comes to my hair, it’s been various shades of blonde and brown, as well as red, plum, and more recently, various shades of blue and purple. Madison Reed even have a colour advisor quiz that takes you from what type of hair you have to what result you want – something I wish I had when I started messing about dying my own hair!

I was also recently sent my Hair-O-Scope to see whether I think my zodiac sign reflects my own hair. Now I won’t lie, I have never been one for horoscopes since I never really got the idea that such a vast world of very different people could be generalised into twelve different signs, but since speaking to new colleagues and researching more into my own sign it’s kind of scary how accurate some points are! Being born in January my sign is Capricorn, and this is what my hair-o-scope has to say…

So the one thing I would say is that I wouldn’t consider myself to be a leader, but apart from that, well it’s pretty much me! I’ve been growing my hair out for years now and there’s been so many times I’ve wanted to cut it all off, but I just knew I’d definitely regret it. Having naturally super straight hair it’s definitely usually smooth and pretty easy to control, and generally my hair is something that get’s complimented quite a lot! Below is how my hair is currently; a sort of faded purple/blue/green ombre that I’m trying to get rid of in the run up to a very fancy wedding. I do feel bad for my poor hair – it doesn’t quite get the attention that it deserves having had years of colour and bleach, and hair cuts that are very few and far between!


I’m still not sure whether I buy in to the whole horoscope thing, but it’s always interesting to see what people have to say, and for me it was quite accurate! So let me know, if you’re also a Capricorn tell me if you agree with this hair-o-scope. Hope you’re all doing well guys. The countdown to my holiday is on and I’ve been spending my day off making phone calls and ordering bits I need before I go away in just over a months time – can you tell I’m someone who likes to be prepared?! I do have a makeup look that I want to try out soon which I’ll probably post as an MOTD, so do look out for that.

Talk to you later!
becks x


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