Rediscovering Old Favourites Pt. 1

Hey there!

Do you ever think that sometimes old favourites were such loved products for a good reason? Well not long ago I was running out of both foundation and mascara, and decided that now would be a good time to go back and revisit two products that I used to absolutely adore at the time.

This time round the product I’m going to be talking to you about is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation in the shade 51 Vanille Clair. It’s described by Bourjois as a ‘gel foundation made from a vitamin-rich fruit therapy formula’ which helps give ‘an even complexion and an instant fatigue result’. I know that a few years ago I adored this foundation, and used nothing but this. But I think the main reason I stopped using it was because it was around the time I discovered Rimmels perfect fair skin shades, and because having tried other Bourjois foundations I’ve found that even the fairest shade leans a little too yellow/orange for me personally. Not only this but I was convinced that they discontinued the Healthy Mix Serum foundation and only offered the regular Healthy Mix foundation – and the thing I loved about the serum version was that amazing texture which made it so effortless to blend. Turns out I must have just gone mad or something because the other week I found this little gem lurking about the drugstore aisles.

IMG_7754 IMG_7755 IMG_7747 IMG_7748Left: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum ‘Vanille Clair’
Right: Rimmel Match Perfection ‘Light Porcelain’

Having been using this foundation for another week or so I know why I loved it. It really does blend onto the skin just perfectly. It feels light, and with a light but build-able finish it covers what I need it to cover, and does give you that ‘glow’. However, I can also see why I stopped using it. It looks beautiful on my skin, until you compare it to my neck. It really is just too orange for me, and not light enough for my fair but neutral skin tone (#palegirlproblems). If I could have this foundation but in the Rimmel Light Porcelain shade then I recon I could hold my hands up and say that this is a big contender for my holy grail drugstore foundation. But it’s not. Whilst it is comparable to the Rimmel Match Perfection (which if you read my blog you’ll know I love and repurchase time and time again), there’s just something about the Healthy Mix Serum that makes it feel so much nicer – plus it also smells really nice, which is always a little added bonus.

IMG_7751 IMG_7749

You can see that this foundation gives a nice even coverage. It covers up most bits of redness but still requires concealer under the eyes, round the nose and on blemishes, but this is a light coverage foundation and it doesn’t claim to do any more than that! However, like I said before, the big thing is the lack of a fairer, more neutral toned shade, and that’s what breaks it for me. I also don’t think that Bourjois offer particularly dark shades either, so for those of us with skin tones on either end of the spectrum, well this foundation just really doesn’t work for us.

Overall I have been using this foundation, and it works just fine, but I don’t love it like I used to, and I think that’s mostly because I’m better educated on make up and what sorts of foundation I should be using. I will continue to use this for a little while (because it doesn’t look awful) but I think I’ll be picking up something more suited to my skin pretty soon.

So that’s the first little part of me rediscovering some old favourites. Have you ever repurchased a product you loved a while back, and was it as good as you remembered?!

Talk to you soon!
becks x



18 thoughts on “Rediscovering Old Favourites Pt. 1

  1. I’ve been wanting to try this healthy mix foundation for quite a while Beck, I’ve read such great things about it consistently, need to squash my curiosity lol 🙂 Great post – hope you’re keeping well lovely ❤ Karen xo xo

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    • You should give it a go! And do let us know what you think if you do. It really does feel lovely on the skin, and even though summer is coming to an end now *sigh*, it really is nice for the warmer months.
      I’m doing rather well thanks, actually! hope you are doing good! x

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      • Thanks so much for that feedback huni, sounds like a lovely foundation. I’ve now had to give up on my beloved Rimmel 25hr after years of wearing it 😦 *sob* Is it just me or has this summer flown in?!?! Glad you’re keeping well lovely, all good here too thanks Becca ❤ XXXXX

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      • I agree – nights are really drawing in!! Almost time for autumn… feel like I’ve been cheated out of this summer as the weather has been so hit & miss 😦 Hopefully autumn will have a good few nice days!! hehe Have a fab weekend chum XXXX

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  2. I’ve never tried this foundation but have heard good things about it or people liking it. Sometimes I go back to my L’Oreal True Match and it works great! 🙂 xo

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    • I really wanted to like the L’Oreal True Match but it just doesn’t work for me! Which is a shame because the colour selection is amazing!
      Definitely give it a go if you’re ever up for trying something new ❤
      thanks for reading as always! x

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  3. I used to own this and really liked it, I ran out and purchased the foundation version of this foundation and it has better coverage (which I prefer). Although I love it, it isn’t as long lasting as other foundations I used x

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  4. I love this foundation! I find it can be a little too yellow for me at times depending on my fake tanning status, but if I blend it down my neck a little it’s fine – have you tried that? 🙂

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