MOTD: Woodwinked

Hey there!

This evening I thought I’d post a quick MOTD since, in case you hadn’t seen from my favourites post, I’ve been obsessed with Lime Crimes’ Velvetine in the shade ‘Cashmere’ – a perfect icy greige shade that I’ve been wearing non-stop*, and which I think goes nicely with my purple hair! Since I’ve also recently been digging out my old MAC shadows, today I used a shade that was actually barely used! How very bad of you, Beck. That shade is Woodwinked which, if you go back a couple years ago, was one of the MAC eyeshadows that you just had to have. It’s a gorgeous bronzy shade that I simply patted all over the lid and darkened the outer ‘v’ with a shade from my Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro One palette, and that’s it! Nothing special (and not the best application since I had about ten minutes to get ready in the morning) but I really liked the way this shadow looked today. Especially since I definitely go for the cooler tones, so this is me stepping a cautious foot outside of my comfort zone. Of course it’s a very typical ‘Becca’ look, and I can’t go a day without my winged liner, but it was nice to wear something other than ashy, cool tones for a change!

*my apologies about the slightly dry looking application – this was after a top up coat.

IMG_7760 IMG_7761 IMG_7764

Shout out to my staff room at work for my selfie location today! I should probably make more of an effort to get out of bed earlier so I have more time in the mornings, but I just really love to sleep. Do let me know; what’s your go-to makeup look at the minute?!

Talk to you later!
becks x




21 thoughts on “MOTD: Woodwinked

    • Aw thanks hun!
      I’m always trying to do better, I guess practice makes perfect! 😀
      I’ve been obsessed with this lipstick lately – makes a change for the girl who would only wear reds 😛 haha x

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