Something different…

Oh hey there!

Remember me?! …No? Don’t blame you.

Well guess whose back with a brand new track-cough-blog post! It’s-a me! Yep, as I say in basically every post I’ve done recently; ‘it’s been quite a while, hasn’t it?’ and this one takes the biscuit. Since I’ve been away for a little while (for many reasons but also what mainly boils down to the fact I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with this blog or where I wanted it to go), I’m back with something a little different. Nothing special, just something I’ve thrown together to try out something new! And yes, in case you hadn’t guessed, it comes in video format. It’s not a tutorial or anything, it’s just sort of a ‘get ready with me’ (although technically it is like 9pm now and I’m not going anywhere or seeing anyone). I’ve always loved YouTube and the thought of posting videos so I thought I’d have a little play around with something.

So if you do like it perhaps like or leave a comment, and if you’re of a YouTube folk then feel free to subscribe – I may do more stuff like this in the future. I’ve got no fancy cameras or lighting or anything – though I’m thinking about getting a nicer camera in time for my holiday later in the year – but I hope you enjoy regardless. If you want to know any products I was using i’ll pop it in the down bar of the video (oh, listen to me all Youtube-y!)

It’s nice to be back! (Again!)

Talk to you soon,


12 thoughts on “Something different…

  1. Awe it’s Becca! My beautiful Beca! I’ve missed you girl! It’s so great to see your beautiful face again! What have you been up to? I hope to see you on here more. ❀ Xo

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    • Heyyyy πŸ˜›
      Ive missed you! haha.
      Not been up to all that much – just working like crazy. How about you?
      I’ve actually got a whole bunch of blog posts that I want to write up – even though I wasn’t posting I’ve got a tonne of photos ready to put together πŸ˜› So i’m going to make more of an effort to actually get some posts together.
      I’m glad to be back! xx

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