An Easter Weekend Haul

Hey there!

First off I hope you’ve all been having a wonderful Easter weekend! I definitely did! I spent the weekend with my wonderful boyfriend, and I’m super sad that he had to go back to London this afternoon, but it’s back to work tomorrow! So on Saturday we went into town (and I also picked up a couple cheeky bits today too!) and had a little shop around, so I thought I’d share with you what I got.


First off I got a few bits in Superdrug that I’ve been lusting after for a little while now!

IMG_6799 IMG_6800IMG_6801

First was a sweet little palette by Collection that cost only £3.99! I’d seen Amelia Liana raving about this on her YouTube channel and couldn’t help but pick one up for myself. I got it in the shade ‘Nude’ but there was a couple other varieties. Next is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I’m sure most beauty addicts have heard of the Beauty Blender, and this is Real Techniques answer to the drugstore’s need for something similar. This was on special (I think) for £5.99 so I couldn’t help but throw it in my basket! Lastly the Sleek Face Form palette is something that I have had on my wish list for a long time, and after getting it for Laura in our beauty swap, I just knew I had to get one for myself. This retails for £9.99 and I got it in the shade ‘Light’.

Next off, I had to go to LUSH…

IMG_6798 IMG_6802 IMG_6803 IMG_6804 IMG_6805 IMG_6806

If you saw my 40 Makeup Questions Tag you’ll see I admitted I am super bad for exfoliating my face. I find Ocean Salt can be a little harsh for my skin at times, but at the very least I can make sure I use this in the shower to scrub away all the dead skin both on my face and my body! Next is Superbalm and Rehab Shampoo. I got these because my scalp has just been so dry and I think it’s all since I had my hair coloured last. I’ve had enough of itchy, flaky scalp so I picked up this combo to try and sort it out. Superbalm is a balm which sort of ‘melts’ on your fingers, and you rub it into your scalp, then shampoo and condition as normal, and Rehab is a super cleansing shampoo to help rid your hair and scalp of product build up and any stubborn dirt and greasiness. I’ll let you know how those work! This pink bath bomb is the ever popular best seller Twilight, and I mostly got this one for ‘research purposes’ since I’ve never actually tried it! People come into the shop all the time for this bath bomb and I want to be able to talk about it properly! Next is a favourite LUSH product of mine that’s also raved about by beauty blogger Tanya Burr. King Of Skin is a super yummy body butter that you apply in the shower, rinse off, then pat your skin dry, and you’re left with super moisturised beautiful skin. You must try this! Lastly is one I actually didn’t intend on including because you can’t get it anymore, but its Drummers Drumming. It was a reusable bubble bar that came out for christmas time, that you swish about in the water to make loads of bubbles. Thankfully for us, the factory sent out all the stuff that couldn’t be sold to our shop for LUSH employees, so I got to try some of the stuff that I missed out on at christmas time!

IMG_6810 IMG_6811

Today I popped back into Superdrug to kill a bit of time before my bus and was so happy to see they’ve finally got a stand for Makeup Revolution! Of course a lot of stuff was sold out but I did pick up this beautiful baked bronzer which I’m so excited to try! Lastly is this lip product by Bourjois; the Rouge Edition Velvet. I’d seen this in another store but they didn’t have this shade, so I was super happy to see it in stock today. These are Bourjois’s answer to the liquid to matte finish lip products (which I’m totally on board with by the way!) and I cannot wait to try it out! I love the packaging, and there was a lot more shades I wanted to try, as well as a Rouge Edition Aqua Laque collection which offers a high shine finish, but I thought at £8.99 I’d give this one a go before jumping in and buying a whole bunch!

So that’s my little Easter weekend haul! Do let me know; what was the last product you purchased?!

Talk to you later!



23 thoughts on “An Easter Weekend Haul

  1. Great haul Becca! I think my boyfriend could really benefit from using that scalp balm, He has the driest scalp I have ever seen! lol. I am just dying to try Makeup Revolution. I will have to wait to order from them after I go on my trip back home. Luckily I can order from their website and they will ship to the U.S. 😀 Your Collection Nude palette looks so nice!! I also have the Real Techniques Sponge and I love it!! ❤ I hope you have a great week dear! Xx

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    • It’s the worst! He should definitely try out either of those bits if you can get near a LUSH – even if its just to pick up a sample to try before you buy!
      So lucky they ship to the US – they’re definitely worth a try. I’m not 100% sold on this bronzer just yet but I’m going to try a more dense brush to apply it. The colour pay off wasnt fab with the light fluffy brush I used.
      I can’t believe how cheap that palette was! I’ll definitely be grabbing the others if I like how this one is.
      Do you dampen the RT sponge before you use it? I’m trying to find out the best ways to use it so I can make the most of it! xx

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      • Yeah we have a Lush nearby. I will tell him that we need to go there soon!
        Sorry to hear about your bronzer! I hope that you can make it work for you using a different brush. That would be great for the price then.
        I do dampen my RT Sponge. They say to dip it in water and then squeeze it out. I run mine under the faucet and squeeze it. I think it works good that way. 🙂 xx

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      • Thats good – even just having a little chat with an assistant might give you some good advice! I’m sure i’ll find a use for it, even if it’s just for a lovely eyeshadow! Hardly any money wasted if not!
        Thanks so much, I tried it out like this and I’ve been loving it! It even applies my more fuller coverage foundations better than my RT Expert Face brush. I think I’m going to try out the L’Oreal True Match with the sponge because I’ve hated it with everything else i’ve tried. Maybe it’ll save the foundation for me! haha. xx

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      • Yeah next time we’re near a Lush I will have Ron and I go inside 🙂
        So glad to hear that you’re loving it! At least you are getting some use of it!
        I love the L’Oreal True Match! I hope the RT sponge helps with your application. 🙂 xx

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      • It’s definitely the best way I’ve found to apply the True Match. Though it looked nice when I applied it by the time I got home and looked in the mirror I felt positively orange! Seems like it oxidised on me, not sure why, but I’ll keep trying to work on this foundation! haha xx

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      • That is strange! I have never had it do that to me. I wonder if the formula is a little different there. I know that the bottles look different compared to the one here. I don’t think I have ever experienced a foundation oxidizing on me lol. That would be scary! haha! xx

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  2. Some beautiful things you purchased!!
    Sad that at the end you had to go your separate ways with your boyfriend but it means the time you do get, you totally treasure!
    I did long distance for a while and it was hard, but made the times we were together so much special… 2 years down the line I am still so happy! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly! And it’ll be totally worth it when we finally get to have a place of our own (:
      It definitely is hard, but I think if you can make it through long distance then you know it’s something special. We’ve been together three and a half years now and I’m still totally happy! 😀 I’m so glad things worked out for you. Sometimes it’s difficult because people say how it must be hard, but unless you’ve been there I don’t think you can really understand! xxx

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  3. Such a shame you bf had to go back to London 😦 That reminds me so much of when I was dating my hubby and we lived so far apart – really tough at times! Thank heavens for phone calls & Skype right? 😀
    Thankfully this truck load of goodies will keep you occupied – you must have a small cave of lovely goodies building up now! lol Have always wanted to try the RT sponge so hoping that works out for you & what a great price too!!! Love everything you got, enjoy it all huni 🙂 Karen xo

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    • Yeah it is difficult. ): I just know it’ll be totally worth It in the end. Realistically we couldn’t have moved in together straight from uni, but now when we do finally get to do it we’ll be so much better prepared and we can have a much better time doing it.
      I think I definitely do! Thank god for staff discount on the lush stuff! Haha. I figured I work so hard and save most of my money I could treat myself :p at least that’s how I justify it!!
      Yesss I’ll definitely do a review on the RT sponge when I give it a proper to! Xx

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      • Better being realistic about these things – you’ll both get there some day soon 🙂 Oh of course, staff discount rocks – though it can be a bit of a temptation to spend too I’d imagine lol However like you said you’ve worked super hard and deserve the treat big time… especially after though huge hours you worked recently 🙂 Reeeeeally looking forward to the review huni XXX

        Liked by 1 person

      • Exactly! And it’ll be so worth it when we’re together.
        Hahah oh definitely. Sometimes I have to catch myself and just think – do I really need this?! Most the time its no! 😛
        I’ll definitely get on it soon! I’ve been looking up best ways to use it so I’ll be giving it a go in the morning xxx

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