A Beauty Swap with LaauraBorealis!

Hey there!

Now I feel like I’ve been starting a lot of my posts with this lately but; long time no blog! Seriously guys I really have missed blogging, but I’ve just been so damn busy with work, it’s been a struggle to even think about what to write about, let alone have the time to actually write anything! Yesterday (Sunday) was my first day off since Mothers Day, which for those of you outside the UK, is 13 days without a day off work. I just needed some time to recharge and today I am back in blogging mode; replying to comments, reading posts I’ve missed, and of course writing for you guys!

Anyways, today’s post has been a long time in the works, and I’m guessing you’ve figured it out from the title, but I’m sharing with you the goodies from my beauty swap with the amazing Laura of LaauraBorealis. Her’s was a blog I found when I first started, and I believe we have been blogging for a similar amount of time! But before christmas she reached out to me about doing a swap and of course I said yes please! Laura is over in Canada and I’m over here in little ol’ England, so of course we both had products on our lists we couldn’t get where we lived. As far as what we decided before purchasing for each other, we basically decided to have a few requested products, and the rest be surprises. A budget was set, taking into account shipping and exchange rates and all that, and at the start of the month we shipped off our packages! It came surprisingly fast and when I went to pick up my package it was like Christmas all over again!

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Like Laura, the first thing I opened was my number 1 requested item; the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in ‘Trooper’. I am rarely seen without winged eyeliner and having heard nothing but rave reviews about this product (and just being a massive fan of Kat Von D!) I had to get my hands on it. Thankfully Laura was my angel and sent it over – now I basically use it every day and I just know I’ll have to place a very expensive Sephora order when it runs out. I was never a fan of liquid liners, hence why I became a gel liner super fan, but this is just so easy to use, has an amazing brush tip and is so black and looks gorgeous. I cannot be without this now!

Next is my other requested product; the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. Technically these are available in the UK via their UK website, and apparently at Next, but I’ve never seen them in store and they’ve been sold out online for months and months. Laura actually sent over two of these in the shades Ibiza and Cairo, and I’m basically in love! I’m totally on this matte lip trend and someone at work actually thought I was wearing Lime Crime Suedeberry, when it was actually Ibiza (at a fraction of the price!) I will definitely have to get some more of these.

I was super surprised to see this set of Too Faced minis, and finally I get to try the super raved about Better Than Sex mascara! I could never find it over here, and now I actually own it! I’ve yet to try the Chocolate Soleil bronzer because I want to purchase a decent contour brush, but I’m really enjoying the mascara so far!

The Match Perfect concealer is the perfect under eye concealer! I used to use the Collection Lasting Perfect but recently it has starting creasing on me, but this concealer doesn’t do that! I have the shade Fair and it matches perfectly (duh, match perfection?!) with my skin tone and with the Match Perfection foundation (my number 1 drugstore foundation) in Light Porcelain, so I’ve basically been using it everyday since I got it.

Back to lip products, and this time with this little lipstick duo from Bite cosmetics. I am in love. I’ve never had such a creamy lipstick last so long! The colours are exactly what I’m loving right now and this is so perfect just to chuck in my handbag, and you have two choices of lip colours in one! We just need Sephora in England already – someone make it happen please!

Next is eyes, and first is the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip. These colours are exactly the sort of shades I love, and I’ve been loving using these as a quick swipe of colour over the lid for when you haven’t got much time, though I do need to give these a proper go when I’ve got more time to play around. Next is the Wet N Wild Comfort Zone palette, and again – ah these shades!! Laura just knows me! Again I’ve yet to give these a proper go because I’ve been so rushed for time before work in the mornings, and I want to give them all my attention, but I’ve only heard good things about Wet N Wild so I’m bloody excited to try them out!

Lastly was a Sephora Formula X nail polish, and like she said in her post, I had to giggle; we’d sent each other polishes in very similar shades! Great minds think alike, eh?! I was excited to see I’d received one these polishes because of people like Estee at Essie Button raving about them so much. I’ve tried this on my nails already and I just know i’ll be wearing this shade all through spring and summer because this is exactly the kind of shade I love!

Laura also threw in a bunch of foil samples which I think is awesome – places over here should definitely do that more – and I’m slowing making my way through them. All I know is there’s going to be a bunch of products I’m falling in love with and am going to need to repurchase! She also included such a beautiful little note in there which just made everything even more personal. It was so nice to do a swap with such a great person, and with someone who shares similar tastes to myself.

Laura has already published her post with the British goodies I sent her, so please go check that out hereand follow whilst you’re there! I’m definitely up for something like this again in the future, and if anyone is interested in the finer details of international swaps then feel free to ask away – I think ours was pretty successful and by the sounds of it, we’re both super happy with everything!

Thanks again to Laura for asking me to do this, and for everything you sent over!

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Talk to you later!


28 thoughts on “A Beauty Swap with LaauraBorealis!

    • Thank you so much!! ❤ I'll check that out!
      Sorry for the late reply – for some reason your comment ended up in my spam filter and I only just saw it! So annoying! xx


  1. Oh Becca! You got quite a bunch of goodies! Have you sniffed the Bronzer yet? It smells like Chocolate! I love that bronzer! It’s one of my favorites. I still don’t have that Wet n’ Wild Palette yet but it is raved about a lot and I need to pick one up sometime soon. Sounds like you’re already enjoying most of your goodies! So glad to hear. 🙂 I might be interested in swapping sometime after I’m done with all of my traveling lol. ❤ xx

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    • Such a lucky one, aren’t I?!
      Of course – sniffing it was the first thing I did! 😛 Before I even swatched it! haha. Can’t wait to try it out! I’ve been loving it all!
      We’ll definitely have to do a swap in the future. At the minute I’m trying to concentrate on saving for moving house, but keep me in mind when you want to do a swap! xx

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