Limited Edition Lipstick Addiction

Hey there!


Yep, just first off, this is my 100th blog post – I can’t believe I’ve published 100 posts! To each and every one of you that reads these; you are amazing! ❤

So basically as it turns out I cannot resist limited edition products, and as a lipstick addict I definitely can’t resist limited edition lipsticks – especially when it comes to MAC. Over the past few weeks I have splurged on four new lipsticks. I know, I have a problem, I need to be stopped! Either way I thought I’d share with you my recent lipstick purchases.

The first lipstick is called ‘Toxic Tale’, a satin finish coral red shade that was re-promoted as part of the recent (in the UK) Red Red Red collection. I’ve had my eye on this particular one since it’s first(?) release in the Venomous Villains collection in 2010 so I just knew I was getting it as soon as I saw the collection on the US website at the end of last year. Five years I have waited! 

IMG_6445 IMG_6446 IMG_6447IMG_6448

I don’t know if this lipstick is still available as I know it’s sold out the UK website, though you might have better luck getting it in store.

Second up is the long awaited and much anticipated Viva Glam Miley Cyrus shade! A gorgeous hot pink. If you don’t know about the Viva Glam shades I have spoken about it before in posts such as thisbut basically all the money (bar VAT) from Viva Glam lipsticks goes to charities to help people effected with AIDS (check out MACs info on their AIDS fund here). 

IMG_6438IMG_6440 IMG_6442 IMG_6441IMG_6444

In the first two pictures it does look really similar to Toxic Tale, and much more coral than it actually is, but the bottom/close up photo is a much more true representation of the hot pink shade, as is the swatch below!

IMG_6569Toxic Tale and Viva Glam Miley

The next two are both from the newly released (again, in the UK) Toledo collection. Just look at that packaging! No sane person could say no to that packaging! The cardboard packaging is double layered; the outside with the drawings, the inner layer is plain white with the MAC Toledo signature. The lipstick itself is again white with the black drawings, and has a rubberised texture.

IMG_6578 IMG_6579 IMG_6580IMG_6582

This collection was a large one with eyeliners, blushes, mascaras, eyeshadow palettes etc, but I didn’t bother with anything else other than the lipsticks, which was a selection of six all matte and mostly red shades. Matte finishes and red shades are basically my life so this collection was definitely for me! As far as reds go I went for Victoriana. As soon as I saw the swatches I knew I just needed this shade. It’s a pink toned red and is unlike any other red I have.


Along with Victoriana I somehow added Oxblood to my basket. Contrary to what the name suggests this shade is a peachy-nude, and honestly I think I just bought it because of the hype around it, but I do love the way it looks so far (though I really want to try it with a slightly deeper lip liner). I was debating between this shade and the orange toned red ‘Barbecue’, but really I knew I probably wouldn’t wear Barbecue because it is so orange toned and I just don’t think I would reach for it as often, whereas I am really getting into my nude shades.

IMG_6583 IMG_6566

IMG_6568Oxblood and Victoriana swatches

Do let me know if you picked anything up from these collections, or if you, like me, just cannot resist anything that is limited edition! Sorry for no lip swatches, I just haven’t had time, but these shades will definitely be appearing in blog posts in the near future – I definitely want to put together some looks.

Talk to you later!


23 thoughts on “Limited Edition Lipstick Addiction

  1. Becca, this is a gorgeous post! I’ve been drooling over your photos while reading about these beautiful shades. Surprisingly I’m very drawn to Oxblood. I love each of these shades though, and I’m excited for your acquisition of them ;o) I hope you’re enjoying your beautiful new shades!!
    Happy 100th post :o)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much! ❤
      I was surprised how much I loved Oxblood too. Think I want to find a similar lip liner because it looks a little undefined on me at the minute. But I've been loving all of these shades! X


  2. First up merry 100th post and I hope you’ll keep posting, since I enjoy your blog a lot. Bold colors for the lips are really awesome! I can easily understand and share your addiction. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gorgeous colors! I really wanted Oxblood but of course I didn’t jump on it fast enough and it’s sold out. I have the new Miley Cyrus lipstick too and it’s going to be my next MAC of the Month post for this month which I need to remember to get on soon lol. I really would like to get Lady Danger which is an orange type of red shade. I think you might like that one too. I enjoyed reading this post as always!! ❤ xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oxblood sold out like within an hour! I cant believe how popular it was!
      Oooh yes I love the look of Lady Danger! Its unlike anything I own – and I actually love the matte finishes 😛
      Looking forward to your MAC of the Month post! ❤

      Thanks xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • You’re welcome Becca 🙂 Yeah I can believe that color was sold out fast. Oh well I am sure there are dupes out there for it. I will just have to do some research. I am thinking I might buy Lady Danger sometime. I have quite the list going though lol. Lady Danger was one of the first shades I was interested in and I can’t believe that I haven’t bought it yet. Well I started taking pictures for the MAC of the month post today. Now I just have to do a look with it and write up the post. It will be posted sometime this month lol. I have quite a few posts in process right now. 🙂 ❤ xx

        Liked by 1 person

      • There’s definitely dupes! Apparently it’s very similar to MAC Kinda Sexy anyways, so that’s always one to try out!
        It’s definitely nice to have some great bright shades in your collection. It’s definitely one that’s on my list! 😛
        Well I’m looking forward to it! ❤ xxx

        Liked by 1 person

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