February Favourites

Hey there!

So it’s been a long  time since I did a favourites post. In fact I think I did one when I first started my blog last year and never did one since! I’m just not one of those people that try out loads of different stuff, and I tend to stick to the things I like and use them up. But this month I’ve been loving a bunch of stuff I just had to share!

Maybelline Color Tattoo ‘Permanent Taupe’


I’m sure by now that everyone knows all about the Maybelline Color Tattoo’s. These cream shadows were a huge hit when first released and it still seems like this love fest has continued. This shade here is the only one I own and I actually use it every single day – although not as an eyeshadow! This colour here is my perfect brow shade! You’ve probably heard people using this shade as a brow gel before, but for me it’s the only thing I use now mostly because I find it so hard to find drugstore eyebrow products that cool toned – most come off way too warm and red on me and it doesn’t work well with my cool toned skin and ash blonde hair!

Zoeva Complete Eye set


I first blogged about this Zoeva brush set when I first got them and haven’t really mentioned them since – this is just because I wanted to really get a feel for how they worked before I did a proper review. But I just had to mention these few (dirty) brushes. The 322 Brow Line is the brush I’ve been using to apply the Color Tattoo to my brows and it just makes them look amazing! You can load up the brush for a strong look, or use light strokes for a more natural look. The 228 is my go to big fluffy brush for applying colour to my crease. I use this every single day and just applies shades flawlessly (I even angle the brush down and it creates a lovely cut crease!). Lastly the 234 is an absolute dupe for the MAC 239; the Zoeva brush having slightly longer bristles. It packs on colour so nicely and you can really build up a super opaque look. All these brushes are so soft and have washed really well too!

MAC Lipstick ‘Mehr’


I first got this lipstick along with Viva Glam 1 since I got a MAC voucher for christmas and I’ve basically worn nothing but this lipstick since then! I absolutely adore this shade. It’s a matte finish but so creamy, and is one of those perfect shades that goes with everything and you can just throw it in your handbag because you know it will go with almost everything! I’ve already used up a good amount of it over the past two months and will definitely repurchase.

The Body Shop body butter ‘Cranberry Frost’


I got this in my first ever Body Shop haul and whilst I was a bit thrown off by the super thick consistency at first, I again have not been using much other than this lotion! I love to cover myself in a gorgeous moisturiser after a long bath, and get wrapped up in my dressing gown with a book in bed, and this one is perfect for that. The scent is just gorgeous and it makes me so sad that it’s a christmas one, but I know I’ll be repurchasing this scent if it’s released again next winter, but in the mean time I’ll definitely be trying out other scents. It’s a super thick body butter but sinks in quite nicely, and whilst I wouldn’t use this after a morning shower, it’s perfect to layer on in the evening and let in sink in over night. It leaves your skin unbelievably soft and the scent does linger for a while, so definitely check these out if you’re a body lotion addict like me!

Ghost fragrance


This huge bottle of perfume was a gift from my parents for my birthday in January and I am so in love. I’d had- I mean, I stole this perfume from my mum previously and seriously loved it, so they bought me my own bottle. It’s not the sort of scent I’d usually go for since I’m a usually more a fan of light girly fruity/sweet fragrances (such of the likes of the Paris Hilton perfumes!), and this one is a little more musky and deeper, and because I’m so bad at describing scents this is how the Fragrance Shop describes it ‘soft and delicate, an earthy blend of petals and woods.’ There’s top notes of rose and jasmine, heart notes of amber, vanilla and peach, and base notes of sandalwood and musk which overall creates a super feminine floral perfume. Definitely check it out if you haven’t already!

Meghan Trainor ‘Title’

Before I gush about how much I love this album I have to put it out there that I hated her first single from the album, ‘All About That Bass’ and I still don’t like it, and after hearing her album it definitely doesn’t show off how amazing Meghan’s voice is. The first song I linked you to (Like I’m Gonna Lose You Ft. John Legend) is my favourite from the album and I could just listen to it on repeat, I love it so much! The whole album has a cool pop vibe to it, with little spot of ‘rap’ here and there, but it’s just one of those albums you have to sing along to! There’s only two songs I don’t like; the aforementioned All About That Bass and another song Bang Dem Sticks, but if I could describe this album in one way it would be that it feels like summer to me! You know the kind of album you stick in your car, driving along on a sunny day, sunglasses on and windows down. Yep, it’s that album. Loads of cheeky lyrics and basically full of girl power! Go listen to it!

Linwood Barclay ‘Fear The Worst’


If you like crime/murder sort of books then you need to be reading Linwood Barclay; I’ve now read five of his books (and am itching to pick up another) and they’re the kind of books that once you pick them up you can’t put them down. I say they’re of the crime/murder genre but they’re not hard-going reading and it’s nothing gory or anything like that, just super interesting plots and characters. I also like that certain characters or stories are mentioned throughout multiple books, and whilst they’re not a series, if you’ve read them in the order they were released then you have those moments where you sort of feel like you’re in on the story. I have review two of his books here and here so if you’re interested check them out, and I was thinking of doing a combined review of the others if anyone is interested?

So that’s the run down of a little mix of things I’ve been loving throughout the month of February! Do let me know what your favourites have been in the comments below.

Talk to you later!




23 thoughts on “February Favourites

    • Thanks! 😀 I definitely want to try more. I think they’d be perfect for days when you dont have loads of time to do your makeup, so you can just swipe a bit across your lids and be done! 😛
      You have any recommendations for shades I should check out? xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • The ones that I have are Inked in Pink, Barely Branded, and Tough as Taupe I believe that’s what they’re all called lol. Do you get L’Oreal there? If you do then definitely check out there Infalliable Eye Shadows, especially in Amber Rush. The color tattoos are perfect for being on the go. Anyway, how have you been Becca?? 🙂 xx

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ooohhh sounds nice. I’ll have to check them out online because we have the same shades but the names are different over here for some reason! Haha
        We do! I’ve seen such good things about them lately so I’m definitely going to see if I can pick up a couple of shades.
        I’m doing okay! Missing my boy especially after our weekend together but I start work full time tomorrow so I’ll definitely be keeping busy. How are you?! Xx

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah you will like the L’Oreal ones I think. That’s great that you’re working full-time. I bet that makes you feel good. I am doing good. Nothing too new or exciting going on here lol. Xx

        Liked by 1 person

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