Stila ‘In The Light’ Palette

Hey there!

My name’s Becca and I’m an eyeshadow palette addict. You can bet at any given time I have a list of eyeshadow palettes that I just need in my collection, because I just don’t have anything like it! (I do, because they’re all neutrals!). My newest addition to my growing collection is the Stila ‘In The Light’ palette – one that I’ve seen on so many blogs and which also features the infamous shade ‘Kitten’. I thought I’d put together a little post with some swatches for you to check out if you’re interested, and I’ll definitely be back with a proper review and makeup look, but from what I’ve tried so far I’m loving the consistency and colour pay-off for the most part!

IMG_6280IMG_6281 IMG_6283IMG_6284IMG_6285IMG_6288IMG_6291IMG_6292IMG_6294IMG_6295IMG_6296IMG_6297

As you can see this palette comes with 10 neutral toned shades which are a mixture of matte/satin and shimmer, and which are housed in cardboard packaging. I must admit though, it is much more sturdy and much more beautiful than I expected this palette to be. The rose gold packaging which has a magnet closure feels less flimsy in your hands than you’d expect it to, I wouldn’t worry popping this in my travel bag as long as it was somewhere it would be kept flat. The palette also comes with a full sized Stila ‘Stay All Day’ liner in Damsel (dark brown), a booklet with a selection of looks you can create with the palette, and a large mirror.

Top row; Bare, Kitten, Bliss, Sunset, Sandstone


Bottom row; Bubbly, Gilded Gold, Luster, Night Sky, Ebony 

Immediate favourites definitely have to be Bubbly and Night Sky – the latter being almost like a duo-chrome. In this picture it comes off quite dark but in some lights it definitely looks a much brighter sparkling blue! So hopefully I’ll be able to properly show that off in a makeup look soon! I managed to get this palette for £20 from Beauty Bay since it was in the sale for £23-ish, and I got a further 10% off with my birthday code which brought it down to £20.02, but it usually retails for around £25.

Just before I go; is the Stay All Day liner pencil and twist up thing?! I twist but mine won’t do anything! Someone help a girl out here!

Also do leave in the comments your favourite eyeshadow palettes – I need to know what to get next!

Talk to you later!


31 thoughts on “Stila ‘In The Light’ Palette

  1. I haven’t heard about this palette in the longest time! It really is so pretty though, love all the shades in it! It’s so versatile to use everyday! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  2. a girl can never have too many eye shadow palettes! I have a lovely ‘warm eyes’ MAC palette that’s from a really old collection and it’s definitely my go-to. The POP Sunshine Portfolio palette was definitely worth getting – 36 shades in total! I think I got it discounted in an asos sale so worth keeping an eye out. The powder is a bit too loose for my liking but otherwise pretty good value for money

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    • Ooooh sounds good! I really want the Makeup Revolution Flawless palette – i think its like 32 shades, and they’re like £8 or something! i got one of their smaller palettes and I love it, so I think I’ll just have to get it! 😛 x


    • Hahah sorry! 😉 😛 It really is beautiful – can’t wait to properly try it out. I really want to do a look with the blue shade so I think I need to not be lazy and give my makeup brushes a wash! x


  3. Gorgeous palette! I have heard so many great things about this palette. I love your swatches and pictures! I am right there with you being an eyeshadow addict. In fact I just dropped a pretty penny on Tarte’s Tartelette palette online. Even though I am trying to save money, I am buying one nice eyeshadow palette of my choice each month lol. Next will be the Lorac Pro 2. My collection will be complete one day! haha. I would love to see some eye makeup looks with this palette if you want to create some 😉 ❤ xxoo


    • Thanks so much! ❤
      It really is gorgeous. Ohhh I love the look of Tarte stuff but we don't get it over here! ): So much stuff I'd love to try. Same with the Lorac palettes! I really want the first Lorac Pro but shipping to the UK from Sephora is crazy!
      I'm trying to save money too but I think I'm going to pick up the Naked 2 Basics when I'm in town Thursday! 😛
      I definitely will do – thinking of doing a similar post to my Naked 2 one, with a selection of looks. xx

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