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So this weekend I went shopping with my mum and decided to pop into The Body Shop with the intention of trying out the Seaweed Ionic Face Mask in the hopes it would help control my combination/oily skin. Only when I got there and smelt it – it was vile. I knew it would smell sort of like the ocean being a seaweed face mask and all, but it really turned my nose. So instead I got this little set of miniatures from the seaweed range so that I can try out a sort of routine and decide if I liked any of it enough to buy full size. To go with this I also saw they did samples of the mask I’d originally wanted to try, and so I picked up one of those too. I think this is a great way to try before you commit to the full size and I wish more places do this.

IMG_6272 IMG_6273

The set contains; the Deep Cleansing Facial Wash, the Clarifying Toner, the Clarifying Night Treatment, and the Mattifying Day Cream, and comes in a cute little mesh wash bag which will be perfect for traveling! The seaweed set cost me £11, and the mask sample £2.

IMG_6275 IMG_6276
I’ve always wanted to try out a Body Shop body butter but was never sure about spending £13 on one if I wasn’t sure I’d like it (though I wasn’t sure why I thought this since I’ve payed the same, if not more, in the past for LUSH body lotions). This is in the fragrance Cranberry Frost – I have the same fragrance in the room/linen spray – which I assume is a christmas fragrance(?) and because I love it so much I just had to get it. Thankfully this one was also in the sale for only £6!


At first it was actually my mum who was trying out the different hand creams, and I directed her to what I knew was one of the Body Shops newer ranges, Wild Argan Oil, because I assumed it would probably be more nourishing. Long story short she picked up the Argan Oil hand cream and I got myself the Coconut version – I just adore coconut scents and couldn’t pass it up, and at £3.50 you can’t really say no!

IMG_6274 IMG_6278

Because I also signed up for the Body Shop’s Love Your Body loyalty card I was also given this warming face mask free (worth £10) and a sample of the new, yet to be released, poppy body butter.

If you don’t know about The Body Shop’s loyalty card I’d definitely recommend checking it out – you pay £5 to sign up for the year, and you get 10% off your purchases and a little card that gets stamped with each purchase. When you get four stamps you get to choose a free gift worth £5, and on your 8th stamp it’s a free gift worth £10 – plus you get a free gift worth £5 in your birthday month! Also, you’ll be invited to members events and have special discounts, offers etc. Just in this purchase alone I already made back the money I spent on the membership and will definitely be shopping there in the future – there’s so much I want to try!

This was actually the first purchase I’ve made myself at The Body Shop – I’ve been gifted products before but never actually bought anything myself. But i’ll definitely be back, and I’ll post reviews of anything you’d like to see that I purchased.

Do leave below suggestions on what I must try out next from The Body Shop! Face, body, or makeup!

Talk to you later!


28 thoughts on “The Body Shop Haul

  1. I love The Body Shop! Especially the great deals that usually have at Christmas time. I have a couple of mini sets to use myself that I got at Christmas time. You will have to let me know how you like the Seaweed. The Honey is great too, that’s the last scent that I’ve used. I also have some bronzing facial lotion of theirs but I haven’t really used it that much, I should bring it out again 😛 I didn’t realize they had a loyalty card. I need one! 🙂 xx

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    • Yeah I bet they do good christmas deals!
      I’ll definitely be posting reviews of all of it once i’ve given it a proper go – must say I’m liking it so far!
      Definitely check out the loyalty card, see if you get it over there, if you shop there a fair bit it’ll be well worth it! xx ❤

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      • Yeah I think I will get their loyalty card then. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you think of everything. I think you will really love it all! Especially the body butter! ❤ xx

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      • Yes it is a bit thicker but really moisturizing and perfect for these dry winter months. Glad to hear that you liked it ❤ xx

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  2. I have only tried a couple of items from their make up range but I am really impressed with it! Particularly the eye shadow I got last month.

    I’m also obsessed with their shower gels and my all time favourite has to be the strawberry body scrub! Smells amazing and the seeds in it do a great job at exfoliating.

    Avoid their shampoo though!x

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    • I’ve heard the bronzers are really good too. I’ll definitely check out the eye shadows then – can never have too many! 😛

      Ohhh I love shower gels, I have like a thousand so I’ll definitely check out the shower range. I do need a new scrub actually so I think I’ll pop back in this weekend!



      • I’ve seen good things about the bronzers too, although I don’t bronze personally. I have so many bottles of shower gel from them it’s ridiculous! I also use their vitamin c face scrub which is fantastic.

        I’ve had one of their cards since May and have got 6 stamps on it! Plus they have 50% off codes on O2 priority a fair bit which I use as well! They’re one of my favourite shops x

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      • Their discounts are fantastic! I was really impressed. I’ll definitely have a look at the vitamin c range. I think it’ll soon become one of my favourite stores!
        Mum was joking that I’d ‘gone to the dark side’ after working at LUSH! Haha x

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      • Haha I did it the opposite way to you! I’ve only recently started buying lush but have loved TBS for years! I only really buy bath stuff from Lush as I have such a stock pile of things from body shop to use x

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      • Haha! I have a lot of LUSH bath and body stuff which I love. And the shower gels are lovely too!
        I’m not mad about their cleansers, but the eye cream is lovely and so are their moisturisers. I’m not crazy in love with the hair stuff either – I like it a lot, just not must have. And now I’m not working there any more I’ll probably not repurchase since it is expensive hair care! x


      • I’ve got a fair stockpile of Lush bubble bars and bath melts now too!

        Don’t even talk to me about expensive hair care – I spent £10 on one normal sized bottle of shampoo this week!x

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      • Hahah me too! Still all the christmas stuff!

        I know! I spent £15 each on bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and to be honest, I prefer the Vo5 stuff! x


  3. I use the same coconut hand cream! so lovely and hydrating!
    The seaweed mask does smell bad, but its actually super effective. I did the same thing as you, bought the sample first. It worked so well, I went out and bought the full size!

    Let me know what you think of that warming mask, looks interesting!


  4. Great post! I have the new Wild Argan oil set, and it smells pretty good but not as natural as I thought… It has a slight play-dough after scent but I still like it!
    Also, that warming mineral mask is brilliant. I’m loyal to that one!


    • Thanks so much! ❤
      I've not really checked it all out, but mum seems to love the hand cream!
      I think The Body Shops stuff can smell a little synthetic-y at times, which I think is why I've not tried it in the past, but a lot of it is lovely!
      Can't wait to try out that mask! Can't believe I got it free! xx

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      • Synthetic is probably the best way to describe it. Even though body shop used to work with the managers of lush! Weird how it all planned out and separated themselves! Lush still rules though 😉

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      • Yeah! Mark Constantine used to make hair products for the body shop before lush existed – apparently the banana products are the only ones left.
        I do still love LUSH! :p x


      • Yea when I met the manager of Ipswich he told me all about mark and mo Constantine etc. it’s in my Interview with the LUSH crew blog post 🙂 that was so much fun and I’m glad the magazine I work for actually let me write a piece on lush! Made my week that did! Xx

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