Fitness Journey: Week One Update

Hey there!

So the week started off so well! Monday and Tuesday I did twenty minutes of yoga each day, as well as my 7 Minute Fitness challenge, and I ate well – plenty of fruit and generally drank loads of water. Then come Wednesday my body was feeling it (really feeling it!) and I decided I could have one day of rest – I didn’t exercise but I still ate pretty well. Now here’s where it gets bad. Thursday I had my driving lesson, and ended up having a drink with my dad and ate some pretty shitty food, and again – no exercise done. And Friday was even lazier – one of those ‘stayed in my pjs all day, in bed till midday and ate 3 cream eggs’ kinda days. A ‘down day’. Saturday mum and I went shopping as a late little outing for my birthday (that’s exercise right?!), but I did do my 20 minutes of yoga in the evening to relax before bed, and had a nice fruit salad ‘dessert’ after dinner. Sunday I drank only water and had fruit for snacks, and again did my 20 minutes yoga before bed.

Even after having only made some small changes at the start of the week I can already feel the difference going back to being lazy old me. I feel horrible today (friday. She says eating another piece of chocolate orange), and I liked the Becca that got up and did her 10AM yoga routine, drank her 2 litres of water a day, and had fruit for a snack – the actual orange, not the chocolate variety!

So on Friday night I was speaking to my bestie real life friend Georgia (who has this blog here where she’s blogging her journey on learning to love her body, and you should definitely go click follow because she just sums up everything I can never put into words) and we’ve come up with a little way of keeping each other motivated.

Each week we’re going to set ourselves a number of challenges. This coming week it’ll be just four (starting off slow!) and it’s sort of a trail week. I guess by being accountable to another person, it helps give you that extra boost of motivation!

Mondaydrink 8 glasses of water.
This Monday we’ll be detoxing from the weekend by ensuring we get our recommended daily intake of water, and in a way cleaning out the system.

Tuesday: no processed foods.
Again adding to the post-weekend detox by having a day with no processed foods.

Wednesday: eat/drink your 5-a-day.
So we know we’re supposed to do this every day, but can you honest to blog tell me you eat/drink your 5 fruit/veg a day?!

Thursday: at least one hours exercise.
I believe it’s recommended you do some movement that gets your heart going (shopping does that for me but they’ll never accept that as exercise) for 30 minutes a day – this Thursday we’re going for the whole hour!

So that’s our challenge for the week! Of course these challenges are sort of on top of the general healthy eating and movement we should be doing for the day, but it gives us that little something to focus on. Feel free to join in with us and do let me know if you’re planning to! And as far as weight loss goes, I’m down ¾ of a pound! Really not all that much, but considering I didn’t have a great first week, it’ll only get better. I’ve taken measurements and I think I’ll re-measure every other week because there’ll be less of a difference in that.

Overall I guess I am a little disappointed with my first week, but again, can’t expect miracles overnight! I’d just like to quickly say how thankful I am for all the positivity, love and advice I got from last weeks ‘turning over a new leaf’ post. WP really is the most wonderful community and I just know we’ll all be here to support each other. Again, let me know what you think of this ‘challenge’ plan, and leave suggestions on little challenges we could all do to positively improve on our days that little bit extra!


Talk to you later!


11 thoughts on “Fitness Journey: Week One Update

  1. Yes keep up the good work Becca! You’re doing really well. It’s not always that easy in the beginning. I haven’t done the greatest either when it comes to my eating. Ron and I went out dinner last night and I hate horribly lol. But Monday is going to be a new start for me. I say Monday because today is Super Bowl and I want to have my nachos darn it lol. We did go grocery shopping as well and I got a lot healthier food. No junk food. 🙂 xo

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