Life Update: My First Driving Lesson!

Hey there!

Apologies if theres a lot of ‘life’ stuff posts going on at the minute and not a lot of ‘beauty’ stuff, but I’ve just been pretty busy with…life basically! And it’s my blog and I’ll blog about whatever I want! 😛 So as the title suggests I had my first driving lesson yesterday! Being 22 and not holding your drivers license when you live in a tiny village in the middle of the countryside is the most boring thing. You either have to rely on lifts everywhere, or you have to rely on the very shitty public service – a bus that runs once every half hour during the week (oh but no buses back out of the city after 8:15PM!), and once every two hours on a Sunday. Driving is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I literally cannot wait until I get my full license.

The reason I didn’t start learning as soon as I turned 17 like a lot of other kids was because I just couldn’t afford it. £50 for a provisional license, £25 per hours driving lesson (which is on average 47 hours worth before your test!), then you have to pay for your theory examination and your practical examination. It’s all very very expensive and I didn’t have the money. When I turned 18 I had a bit more money, but by then I was already planning on heading off to university in London so I wouldn’t need to drive there. Plus, university is already expensive enough without having to find money for petrol, insurance, MOT etc etc. But now I’m about to start a full time job (and I’m jealous my boyfriend has his license and is shopping for cars!) I’ve decided to fight my fears and take my first lesson. I went with an instructor I saw amazing reviews for, and after a work colleague told me she had learnt with her as well and thought she was amazing, I dropped her an email.

I must give credit to my instructor, because as soon as I got in the car with her I just felt so at ease! Because I’d never driven a car before she drove us over to a quiet residential estate so that I could drive without much traffic. The aim of the lesson was to practice pulling away and stopping, and I even managed to get a little gear change in there. Second gear! You’ll be seeing me in the next Fast and Furious movie! First we went over all the basics like adjusting your seat and mirrors, and observations, then we went over preparing to start and pulling away. And I didn’t stall once! So I was pretty good at going, but stopping…yeah, I wasn’t so good at that. I kept getting my feet in a muddle and stalled twice as I came to a stop because I was thinking too much about my feet that I’d take my foot off the clutch before putting the gear into neutral and I’d stall.

But it’s a really weird feeling to drive a car for the first time, and apart from getting a little tied up over the pedals the rest was fine. I had no problem steering (apart from one encounter when I didn’t realise I had to steer quite so much to make it round a sharp bend!), and I didn’t even have to look at the gear stick, I’m just not very co-ordinated with my feet yet! Though I have hope because apparently that’s the part people pick up the quickest because you have to do it so often – so if I can master the other bits then I’m sure the pedals will be fine…eventually! My instructor told me that for a first ever go at driving I did really well, so I’m feeling pretty confident and looking forward to next week!


So if you guys have any ‘my first driving lesson’ stories I’d love to hear them (so I don’t feel quite so bad about my uncoordinated feet!).

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37 thoughts on “Life Update: My First Driving Lesson!

  1. Yay! !! I was going to wish you good luck but sounds like you don’t need it! =D I remember when I was really young my little brother hopped into a golf cart with me and tried driving it….omg….we almost went into a lake lol….he’s improved some since then lol

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  2. Well done you! I found learning to drive absoltely terrifying so I put it off for a while but I just passed my test last week and its the best feeling ever when you finally get there! Hope your lessons go well 🙂 x

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  3. So you have to learn using a manual (stick shift)? I learned with an automatic, so much easier! Though you will get it all down soon. It become like 2nd nature to you. 🙂 x


    • We don’t really drive automatics over here! You don’t have to learn manual but most people do, plus, if you learn automatic you can’t drive a manual car, but if you learn manual you can drive both manual and automatic – if that makes sense! 😛 But yeah, I’m sure i’ll get the hang of it soon! x

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  4. I’m still in the midst of learning to drive but my first lesson was terrible, my instructor thought I wouldn’t come back because I was so nervous haha! Sounds like you got on alright! Trust me you will start to pick things up better as it goes on, I have had just over 20 lessons now and am pretty much getting the hang of it. It takes time but you will get used to it and I am sure you will do just fine 🙂


    • I was seriously nervous before my lesson – I literally thought I was going to be sick! But I think it can be all down to the instructor. I’m just looking forward to really getting into it now! 😀
      Thanks, and best of luck to you and your driving future! x

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  5. I’m hoping this gives you some sort of hope.. my first driving lesson was when I was 22. It was in August 2005 and the first day I went out I managed to knock over 2 wheelie bins (it was bin collection day) and a pheasant – I sat and cried for a good 15 minutes solid over that one! Disaster for me and my instructor who was trying his best not to look stressed out!!! Needless to say 7 months later I was grinning like a mad woman at the test centre having passed on my first attempt lol That’s my driving lesson story – thankfully I consider myself a competent driver now not to knock over bins or the local wildlife *sob* Hope your lessons go really well, you’ll love your new freedom when you have a little car of your own!! 🙂 Karen x


    • Haha oh dear! That sounds so traumatic – believe me I would have cried too! 😛
      I really can’t wait to pass my test, get a car, and just have the freedom to go where I want when I want!
      Thanks for sharing! 😀 (It did make me feel better haha!) x

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      • Nightmare Beck but I guess I had all my bad luck landed at once – I’m surprised he took me back after such shenanigans!! You will love the freedom a car gives you – the bizarre thing is, when I couldn’t drive I could think of a million places I wanted to go to but when I got my license and set of wheels I seemed to prefer a quiet night in! It’s so weird lol Keep us posted on your progress – you’ll be amazed how quick you advance!! X


      • I think once you get over the Theory huni you feel like you’re half way there – it really gives you the incentive to keep it up 🙂 Are you doing the mock test CD Roms for your theory? Xo


      • Yeah I think that’s why I want to do it!
        My driving instructor has given me the log in for this online DVSA practice programme. It’s got the practice topics, the mock exam, the highway code, and the hazard perception test. At the minute I’m just going over practicing until I get every right a few times! xx

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      • Oh brill – how times have changed Becca!! In my day *sound ancient lol* it was a CD rom and copy of the highway code book – all this modern malarkey has it sussed so much better 😉 Good for you doing it so regular, you’ll be tootling round those country lanes in now time huni 😀 Xo

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      • Haha even I find myself talking about ‘my day’! :p it is handy to have it all online – and I bought the app for when it’s quiet at work!
        thanks so much. Here’s hoping it all goes well! X

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  6. Thanks for sharing! I’m almost 20 and still don’t have my license either. I cop a lot of slack for it but at the end of the day the decision to drive is up to me. Great post x

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    • Exactly! If you don’t want to theres no need! My instructor says her oldest pupil is 60 years old! When you’re ready you’ll do it, and if you don’t ever want to learn then thats okay too!
      Thanks ❤ xx

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