Tired of bad subscription boxes?!?

For anyone who is a lover of subscription boxes, interested in trying new products, meeting and connecting with new people, do check this out!

Tay's Life...Unscripted

Hello Beauties!

I have a really exciting post for y’all. I was making up my nightly tea, when this idea came to me. After speaking with my favorite blogging friend, Katie of Plus+ Beauty, and some other close friends, I thought I’d pitch this idea to each of you.

After my last ipsy post, I’ve gotten the feeling that several of you have been let down by the subscription boxes. The comments received from that post have gotten my wheels turning and I think I’ve come up with an awesome solution.

Why don’t us beauty bloggers and beauty YouTubers have a swap of makeup between ourselves?  My idea is that you’d be paired up with a partner. You could keep the same partner or I could switch you up every single month. You could also both discuss the budget for each of you. I’ve looked into the shipping costs…

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