New hair!

Hey there!

So about 11 weeks ago (according to Instagram) I got my roots touched up, and at the time I loved it (I posted about it here). But after a while I noticed little bits that looked stripy, or that just didn’t look great especially when I had my hair tied up, and recently I decided to do something about it.

I had my hair done by an old school friend who’s recently qualified as a hair dresser, and after she cut my hair so beautifully, I went back to get my colour done. We decided on a sort of ombre effect – choosing a colour close to my natural colour and blending it down through the blonde so that when my roots come through again it wont be as obvious. She also toned my blonde so it’s more ashy, which is also a bonus! Whilst the brown did come out a little more warm toned than I would have liked, I think it looks so much better than it did before. I waited till I’d washed all the colour from around my scalp and figured out how I like to style it before showing you guys, but I’d like to hear what you think!





IMG_6218 IMG_6215 IMG_6214 IMG_6211

In some lights it comes across way darker, and it almost looks all dark when I wear it up, but I really am loving it! It’s so much more natural looking and suits me so much better! I’ll definitely be going back to get it done again, because even though the roots are so difficult to look after, I’m not done being a blonde just yet!

What do you think?!

Talk to you later!


39 thoughts on “New hair!

  1. Beautiful! Serious hair envy right now! I’m seriously considering going blonde but im too scared to take the jump!! I’d love to hear about your experience going from brunette to blonde! X


    • Thanks so much! πŸ˜€
      It wasn’t easy since did it myself! I actually had dark red hair, so I dyed it brown to try and cancel out the red tones, then slowly started going a few shades lighter at a time. I did that maybe for close to a year, then I got bored and impatient, and decided to bleach it. It went very yellow! So I dyed over that with an ash toned light blonde to cancel out the yellow tones and I was happy with it then. After that my hair was so blonde I had to bleach then dye every time I did the roots, and not only was it tedious but cost a lot of money, and made my hair really dry. Looking back at it it was too blonde and my roots kept going coppery if I tried to dye it without bleaching it first.
      I think as long as your patient, take good care of your hair and get it trimmed often, theres no reason why you cant do it yourself. But I think if I had the money I’d probably do it professionally over a few appointments to save the tears and many nights of bright yellow hair!


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