Lipstick Organisation

Hey there!

Just a quick post today! If you saw this post I wrote recently you might have seen I mentioned I’d ordered a cheapie way of organising my lipsticks – a small acrylic tiered lipstick holder. It came whilst I was away in London this past weekend and as soon as I got home Sunday night I got to work organising my ‘collection’! There’s only 24 spaces so it doesn’t fit in all of my lip products, but it fits all of my MAC lipsticks with a space for extras and it’s so much easier to pick out the shade I’m looking for! No more fumbling about in a giant box! Whist it’s only something for the time being, and I do plan of getting something a little nicer when I eventually move in with my boyfriend, you can’t complain for £2.39! I found mine from Amazon, and I also plan on getting the larger one to organise my nail polishes at some point.

IMG_6070 IMG_6073 IMG_6074 IMG_6075 IMG_6076

It’s small enough that I can just keep it sitting on my bedside table. It looks cute and means I can easily grab the shade I’m after. I actually also organised them within their shades – purples/plums at the top, through reds, medium pinks, light pinks, then nudes, to make it even easier to find what I’m looking for!

There’s a few more that I want to get that are coming out within the next month or so, but I’ve actually been thinking about doing a MAC lipstick collection with swatches etc – would anyone be interested in seeing something like that? Not all of mine are available anymore (I have a few discontinued/limited edition shades) but most are from the permanent collection. Let me know if you’d be interested, and also comment with your favourite MAC lipstick! I need some inspiration!

Talk to you later!


21 thoughts on “Lipstick Organisation

  1. I have something similar to this that I keep by my bedside and it sure does come in handy. So much easier than sifting through piles of makeup trying to locate them. 🙂


    • They are! I was worried mine would arrive broken as a few reviews said theres did, but I wasn’t fussed for the price really. Thankfully mine was fine!
      Thanks so much! ❤


  2. You know I would always love to see swatches of your collection! 🙂 I didn’t think to turn my MAC lipsticks upside down in mine to see the shade lol duh! haha. Great post!! 🙂 xo


  3. £2.39?! What a bargain!!! Gotta get me one Becca – this would make my life soooo much easier lol The time I waste hoaking around for certain lippies in my make up case is unreal!! *rolls eyes* Great post huni and thanks so much for sharing 🙂 X


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