Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set – Unboxing

Hey there!

Zoeva is a company that started up in 2008 but over the past couple of years have massively increased in popularity due to bloggers such as Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter. Originally they only made brushes – which is arguably what they’re most famous for – but now also produce makeup, the eyeshadow palettes being what I really have my eye on! What’s even better is that they’re know for making great quality products at a really good price – and so far this is something I can vouch for. This 12 piece set, was €65/£50.60 (you pay an extra €5/£3.90 for the rose gold version!) which when you break it down to price per brush, it’s only around €5.40/£4.15! This sort of set is great for those who want to build up a makeup collection, or who are just starting out, because I can’t justify buying 12 MAC brushes at around £20 each!

I guess unboxings are usually a YouTube sort of thing, but why shouldn’t I share my excitement on my blog! I shall be posting proper reviews after I’ve used these for a little while but for now, this is the Zoeve Rose Golden Complete Eye Set!

IMG_5992IMG_5993The long sides of the package read ‘Color. Love. Makeup.’ with both short sides saying ‘Zoeva’

IMG_5994 IMG_5995 IMG_5996 IMG_5997

It’s so nice to see lots of personal touches like who packed your parcel and the care that’s gone in to assure everything gets to you safely, as well as how beautifully it’s presented to you.

Keeping the cat entertained.

IMG_6001 IMG_6002

All of Zoeva’s brush sets also come in a matching clutch bag. Considering this is essentially a freebie I’m surprised at how sturdy the bag and zip feel, and it’s going to be awesome for travelling! Now I’m looking forward to going to London this weekend!

IMG_6003 IMG_6004 IMG_6005 IMG_6006 IMG_6007

Below is what the brushes look like up close. The number and type of brush on one side, with the name Zoeva, and their slogan Color. Love. Makeup. on the opposite side.

IMG_6008 IMG_6009 IMG_6011

Now let’s just bask in the beauty of rose gold….ahhhh….


Anyone tried Zoeva brushes before?! I almost don’t want to use them they’re so beautiful, but they’re also so soft (in particular they white haired brushes – which I believe are goat hair) that I can’t wait!

Talk to you later!


37 thoughts on “Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set – Unboxing

    • Hahah I’m so glad someone gets what I mean! Tried sharing my excitement with my mum but she was just like, yeah…they’re nice, i guess. So glad I have you guys! haha. 😛


    • Eeee so excited to try them! Thanks so much – this was a present to myself when I’d had a super bad day and was so down. Glad I treated myself because everybody needs a little pick-me-up sometimes! 😀 x

      Liked by 1 person

      • You’re so welcome!! Good for you having a wee ‘Me Spree’ – we all need a bit of shopping TLC every once in a while! Hope you’re feeling much better now than feeling down… sending huge hugs 🙂 Xo


      • Definitely! I’ve been feeling a lot more positive lately which is a good thing. Going to see my boyfriend in London this weekend because its my birthday next monday, so it’ll be nice to relax and just have a break.
        *huge hugs back to you!* xx


      • Awwwh that sounds amazing – have fun on your trip!! I’m sure it’ll be a fab one with your birthday coming up too 🙂 Enjoy… you deserve it ❤ x


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