#TakeBackWhatsYours Campaign

Hey there,

Todays post is nothing beauty related, but it’s a post that I originally saw over on Confetti and Curves by the wonderful Karen, and I was so inspired by her story that I just had to take part. I was also actually then invited by the gorgeous Leanne at Lifestyleforless to join the campaign and so now I really have no excuse! The #TakeBackWhatsYours Campaign was originally started by Chloe from www.chloesconcept.blogspot.co.uk, and is basically a way to use our position as bloggers to inspire people to make a change in themselves – not just as a new years resolution, but to make a positive change for good! I’ve included a little excerpt from Chloe’s blog below, but for full details and to have any other questions answered have a look here at Chloe’s page.

“..Many make New Year resolutions, so why not influence people to make their resolution to take back what once belonged to them… maybe their confidence, maybe their control or even their happiness due to whatever situation has made them lack that ability.

This is a lifelong commitment, if you want to change the way you feel about yourself, or you want to act upon the message of this campaign and ‘Take Back What’s Yours‘, when better to do that than the start of a new year… This is not one of those “New Year, New Me” unrealistic resolutions. When I say “New Year, New You”, I genuinely mean it.”

If you would be so kind as to get involved, all you have to do is this:

  • Write a blog post talking about this campaign, the message it contains and why you are taking part
  • What Take Back What’s Yours – New Year Resolution you are going to set yourself
  • Tag 10 bloggers to take part
  • Let (Chloe) know if you’re taking part by using the hashtag on Twitter #TakeBackWhatsYours – Also tag either @ChloesConcept or @TBWYCampaign so she can retweet!!
  • If you can – include a photo of yourself with a handmade poster (doesn’t have to be artistic!) with the words:
In 2015, I’m taking back: *i.e., “my confidence” 

So, I guess I should share with you why I wanted to take part. Believe me I’ve written, edited, and rewritten this part a thousand times because I’m just not sure how much I want to put out there yet, but hopefully this gives you a bit more of an insight into the ‘Beck’ behind beckinablog, and maybe it helps someone out there reading it.

Since I was a child there have been moments where I’ve had the overwhelming need to get out of a situation any way I could. I remember the moment it all began when I was about 7 years old (a story I won’t go into now because it’s not really relevant), but since then that feeling has overcome me so many times it began to really disrupt my school work and personal life. Many a time, from especially when I moved into high school (age 12), I would skip or leave class minutes after getting there due to ‘headaches’, when in reality I literally felt sick to my stomach with worry and panic, most of the time for reasons I wasn’t even sure of. It got to the point where I would make sure there was no chance of me being in a situation where this panic would begin that I’d stop seeing my friends, stop going into school for whole days (not just certain classes), and there was no way I’d do anything out of my normal ‘routine’.

Eventually I had barely any friends, didn’t leave my house very often, and was very very sad. I’ve also always had problems with my weight, even since I was a child, but it was a never ending cycle of eating because I was sad, and being sad because I ate. Even whilst I was at university I still felt anxious over going on nights out, or being in situations that would cause panic that I’d often not take part in lots of social activities. I met my boyfriend at university – the first day we moved into halls – and he is the best thing I could ever imagine happening to me. But even despite him calling me beautiful and telling me he loves me, I still feel disgusted looking at my own body – and that causes the whole cycle again.

I don’t even know if what I have is depression, or anxiety, or even anything. The closest I’ve come to a diagnosis is Web MD, and that’s really sad. It’s sometimes even harder not being able to put a label on it all, because it makes me feel like I don’t have any real reason to be sad, or to be worried. All I know is I don’t want to struggle through my life being constantly anxious about what’s around the corner.

I need to take back my life! Take back my self-belief, and take back my confidence! Do you know how tiring it is to feel constant stress and worry that your boyfriend will find someone better, or you will never find another job you love, or that you’ll never do anything special with your life. Worrying is so tiring, and I am so tired of worrying. My main goal is to do one thing a day that is just for me, and I suggest you do the same regardless of if you feel like I do or not. Whether it’s put on your favourite lipstick, read a book for a few hours, spend an extra half hour lounging in bed, or taking a nice long hot shower until all the water runs out.

I need to take back my self-belief that I can do something with my life.

So that’s why I’m taking part in this campaign. I hope it wasn’t too truthful and that I haven’t scared you all away, but I really feel this is a campaign I need to get behind. I’ve seen quite a lot of people have either done this already or have already been tagged, so I apologise if I’m tagging you again but I’m just going to mention a few, but generally I tag anyone reading this – we need to spread this positivity as far as it will go!

Plus+ Beauty
Beauty by Brooke Leanne
Blonde Amy
A Red Lip and a Nude Shoe
Chanelle Hayley
The Hopeful Wayfarer
Cat Eyes Red Lips
All Things Girly By Shannagh


That’s it!

Muchos love to everyone who read all of that, you deserve all the gold stars you can fit on your body. I really hope you take part in this campaign – I think it could be amazing – and if you do, don’t forget to let Chloe know (links are at the top of the post!)

Talk to you later!



35 thoughts on “#TakeBackWhatsYours Campaign

  1. I love it! I’m cheering you on beautiful! !! Take back your self belief! I believe in you and think you’re AMAZING! !! =) ♡ ♡ xoxo


  2. Becka, well done you huni for bearing your soul. It’s not an easy thing to do – yet you wrote it so tenderly. To be honest I’m actually shocked at how similar we are – school was awful for me too and the consequences of not fitting in & body confidence can have such a major & lasting effects. Go you for taking back what’s been gone for seemingly a long time & has utterly exhausted you – your self belief.
    You’re a beautiful, confident young woman who should be looking forward to an exciting future ahead – you certainly deserve it! Huge hugs and thank you also for the kind mention, you’re such a gem 🙂 ❤ Xo xo


    • Thank you so much for this comment – it truly means the world to me! It’s amazing to have such support from people who know how it feels, and even those who don’t, it makes you feel like you’re not so alone!
      I’m looking forward to the future and I know we can make it through ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for tagging me, this seems like a wonderful campaign!
    I loved reading yours! I’ve experienced similar issues, so I enjoyed how relatable it was. Good luck/have fun taking back your self-belief! 🙂


  4. Thank you for tagging me! (I’ll get onto this as soon as possible) ❤

    Reading this post made me cry, I can definitely relate to some of what you were describing. Wishing you all the best when it comes to taking back your self belief! Always here if you need a chat xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks ❤
      I was too, to be honest. But like I said, if theres just someone who can related to this or can be helped out through this then its all worth it!
      Also, don't feel like you have to do it if you don't want to! Don't do anything you're not comfortable with (: xx

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Such a great post Becca! Thanks for sharing your story. You and I are alike in many ways! My story is very similar to yours. You’re not alone in feeling that way at all. Thank you so much for tagging me in this campaign. I would like to participate and will try to as soon as I can! 🙂 xo ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much ❤
      It's nice to know i've got such great people supporting me who know what i'm going through!
      I'll be looking forward to it, but don't feel theres any pressure to do so! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      • You’re so welcome! ❤ I just really do love this campaign! I definitely want to do it. I think it's great to spread the message and to reach out. I hope all is well with you my dear friend. 🙂 If you ever need anyone to talk to or someone to just listen then you can count on me. 🙂 xoxo

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’s great, isn’t it?! Once again proving how great the beauty/WP community is!
        I’m okay, just a lot going on right now and i’m feeling the stress!
        That means a lot to me and the same goes to you! I’m only a message away! 😀 ❤ xxx

        Liked by 1 person

      • The beauty/WP community is amazing! 🙂 Just try to take things one day at a time. I know that’s easier said than done. Thank you so much! 😀 ❤ xoxo

        Liked by 1 person

      • This is going to be a year of a lot of change for me so I really am trying to take it one day at a time! Thanks so much for your advice. It’s nice to know theres someone like you there to talk to if I need it ❤ xx

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well I know that it’s nice to know that you’re not alone and someone out there is going through some of the same things. I really hope this year is great for you! I wish you nothing but the best! Am always a message away as well ❤ xo

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Great post Becca! It was so moving, but you are not alone! I know I’ve been in the same situation, but I figured life was too short to worry about whether I was good enough all the time so I decided to spend my time worrying to time living! You are truly inspiring to have shared this xx


    • Thanks so much! ❤
      Its difficult but I think as I'm getting older I'm starting to realise that I just need to get on with things! Some times I still have my moments where I feel really anxious, and I'm never going to be some super outgoing person, but I think things are starting to slot into place and things can only get better! 😀 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • You are just too lovely! (‘:
        I think I’m finally getting to a place where I can be much happier in life. I think the one next thing I want to work on is just being a healthier more active person. xx

        Liked by 1 person

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