Revolution Redemption Palette ‘Iconic 3’

Happy new year! (Am I a little late?)

Again, it’s been a while hasn’t it?! I ended up working on all my days off in-between christmas and new years, and I went down to London to see my boyfriend and his family for new years so I only got back last night. Moving on, I thought I’d share with you some swatches and a quick run down on an eyeshadow palette by Makeup Revolution. I, like many other beauty obsessed people, adore the Naked palettes by Urban Decay. But with the newest palette (the Naked 3) featuring pink toned neutrals I wasn’t sure I wanted to fork out £37 if I was going to hate it/never use it. This is where Makeup Revolution comes in – a drugstore brand which, I believe, is only available in the UK, and based at Superdrug. The Iconic 3 palette is one of three of their palettes which are drugstore dupes for the Naked palettes, and at £4 a go you really ought to try them out if you can get your hands on one.


I didn’t have the highest expectations with this palette – I’d heard good things, of course, but if I must admit it; I am an eyeshadow snob. Eyeshadows and lipsticks are my biggest vice, and usually I’m willing to pay the big bucks, but when you’re a uni grad with no job (long story) it’s time to start searching the isles for the bargains. Plus, when it’s only £4 if you don’t like it it’s not the biggest waste of money. Either way, I was surprised. Yes the more glittery shades are a little chunky and require ‘patting’ rather than ‘swiping’ across the lid, but you get a good range of glitter, shimmer and satin/matte finish shades (the latter of which are actually lovely and creamy) which all perform well. The lighter shades need a little building up in comparison to the lovely and pigmented darker shades, but I find they work a lot better over the top of a cream base (I’ve been using the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in ‘Milk’) and it gives the shadows a little something to stick to as well. So far I’ve put together a few different looks with this palette and have received a lot of compliments – especially using the second and last shades together – so you can be sure to see a couple of looks in future posts. I’ve also experience minimal fall out even with the more glittery/shimmer shades, and they blend like a dream! I’ve done super shimmery dramatic looks (like for New Years!) and today I did a super cute matte look for everyday, so you’ll get a lot of use out of this palette.

IMG_5714It also comes with a double ended sponge applicator

First six, lighter, shades (I’m so pale the first barely shows up!)

Last six, darker, shades

The packaging does feel a little cheap but it did survive a trip down to and across London in my soft suitcase (just pack it in between some clothes and you won’t have a problem!). All in all I would definitely recommend – especially for people like myself who want to try something a little different but don’t want to potentially waste your money on high end brands – and I will be going back to buy more of their eye shadow palettes, as well as browsing the rest of their range!

I hope you enjoyed this review, leave me some love – I could do with cheering up today!

Talk to you later!


26 thoughts on “Revolution Redemption Palette ‘Iconic 3’

  1. That’s a lot of product for a great price. I’m trying to get into shadows more (I prefer liner and a bold lip) and I get so overwhelmed by the amount of palettes available. I think starting a bit cheaper and more neutral is the way to go. Great post!


    • I was always the same!
      But I recon palettes like these are great value for money, and that way you can try out loads of different shades and figure out what works best for you. Then if you like certain shades/type of shadows you can buy higher end if you want! Neutrals are always my favourite. You can do so much with them; day looks and night looks! And its a good place to start out.
      Thanks so much ❤


      • Exactly!! I wanted to buy one of the Urban Decay palettes as my first shadows, but then I went for the smaller and cheaper UD Naked Basics palette. All neutral and not overwhelming. I went high-end off the bat, but I kinda wish I started from the bottom haha!


      • Yeah i got the Naked 2 first and thankfully I loved it, but I do really want to get the Basics 2!
        Palettes like the Revolution ones are great for when you want to try something new though (:

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  2. I love this palette! And the iconic 2. I personally think they are great value for money! And the colours are lush! 😍


  3. Like you I didn’t know if I wanted a lot of pink toned shades when I bought my Soap & Glory palette, but I’ve found I actually really like them. I’m so pale that they work really well as a nude on me, whereas browns can make it look like I’m trying for a darker, smokier look. I haven’t tried anything from this brand though, but I keep hearing about them! Might have to give them a go soon 🙂

    Hope everything works out on the job front! x


    • I saw your review on it! It looks so beautiful I’ll definitely check it out when I can.
      I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes super dark bronzy colours just don’t look right on me. Thats what I like the cool toned taupe neutrals in the Naked 2, and these pink neutrals work surprisingly well too!
      Definitely have a little look if you’re in Superdrug soon!

      Thanks so much /: the struggle is real! ❤


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