The Naughty or Nice Tag

Hey there!

So I saw this tag over on Katies blog ‘Plus+ Beauty‘ and I thought it would be great to get back into the swing of blogging – since it is the holiday season and all! However, I do think we’re about to discover how much of a christmas grinch I am!

“The tag where you have your say in whether Christmas things are…naughty or nice because at the end of the day it shouldn’t be only Santa who is able to make a list…”

#1) Brussels Sprouts…Naughty or Nice?
Naughty! I’m really picky with food, especially weird textures, and I do not like brussels!

#2) Christmas Pudding…Naughty or Nice?
Naughty. It’s just a weird combination of stuff. My usual pudding of choice for christmas is cheesecake or profiteroles, something like that!

#3) Christmas Songs…Naughty or Nice?
Usually I don’t mind them, but I have to listen to christmas music all day long at work so it’s creeping into the naughty list. Though I do love the Michael Bublé christmas album, and Christina Perri has done some beautiful christmas songs (one of which was actually in this years Pretty Little Liars christmas episode!)

#4) Mulled Wine…Naughty or Nice?
I’m never really a wine sort of person – it’s kind of one of those things I wish I liked (such as coffee and salads) but I just can’t make myself enjoy it most of the time! So it’s going to have to be naughty list.

#5) Christmas Movies…Naughty or Nice?
Nice! Some of my favourites are Love Actually, Elf, and The Holiday.

#6) Christmas Lights…Naughty or Nice?
Nice nice nice! I love fairy lights and nice lights in general (probably why I studied Lighting Design at uni!) and christmas time is the perfect excuse to go crazy!

#7) The Queens Speech on Christmas Day…Naughty or Nice?
The only time I’ve ever watched the Queens Speech was during one of my A Level English Lang. classes where we were studying it – so, like the bad British person I am, it’s going to have to be naughty.

#8)  The Decorations…Naughty or Nice?
Nice. Though I hate tacky christmas decorations. I love pretty colours, and lights and such.

#9) Christmas Shopping…Naughty or Nice?
This is a bit of both for me. I love it once I’ve thought of something good that I know they’ll love and I get so excited about them receiving it, but if I really can’t think of what to get someone it just seriously stresses me out!

#10) Christmas Jumpers…Naughty or Nice?
NICE! I love christmas jumpers! Tacky, cute, garish – any of them! I’ve also seen some hilariously obscene christmas jumpers working in retail this year!

So that’s all the questions! I tag anyone who hasn’t done it yet – come on, it’s christmas! ❤

Merry christmas everyone, have a wonderful day.

Talk to you later!


3 thoughts on “The Naughty or Nice Tag

  1. Thanks for doing this tag! I loved all of your answers!! I had no idea that Christina Perri did this Christmas song! I love Christina Perri!! 🙂 xo


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