The ‘Me Time’ Tag


I love a good tag post, and after seeing this one all over YouTube and then here on the beautiful Katie’s blog Plus+ Beauty, I just had to do it! This tag is all about what every girl needs – me time!

What do you watch or read during me time?
I’m definitely more of a reading kinda girl, and love murder/crime books. At the minute I’m working (very slowly) through the Kathy Reichs book ‘Fatal Voyage’. As far as TV/movies goes, I’m loving NCIS right now, and I always love BONES. Last weekend me and my boyfriend watched Guardians of the Galaxy and I really recommend you watch it!

What do you wear during me time?
If I even get out of my pjs I usually just get dressed in a t-shirt and joggers. Of course I also have to add fluffy socks, and if it’s especially chilly, I also snuggle up in my (boyfriends) dressing gown.

What are your me time beauty products?
Me time days are usually time for face masks and long baths. This means anything LUSH Cosmetics! I love the Cupcake fresh face mask, and the new christmas collection of bath products are beautiful.

Current favourite nail polish?
I’ve gone back around to wearing and loving the Barry M polish ‘Pearl’ from the Silk Collection. It’s a gorgeous white shade with a subtle shimmer that sparkles in the light. I’ve recently been wearing it with a chunky glitter over the top in the shade ‘Blizzard’ by Models Own – I’m ready for winter!

What do you eat/drink during me time?
Hot chocolate/strawberry milkshakes are always favourite drinks of mine, and I also love a good cup of tea! For food, I love the (not so healthy) Chicken Noodle soup with a good piece of bread! You can also never go wrong with chocolate and biscuits.

Current favourite candle?
I’m in love with the Yankee Candle strawberry buttercream, and wanted to get a small one for my bedside table, however my local store that sells the candles only had the large ones – maybe I’ll have to treat myself! It’s not quite the autumnal/winter scent but I’m never one for spicy/pumpkin/cinnamon sort of scents, I’m a sweet, vanillary, sugary scent lover all year round!

Do you ever have outdoor me time?
In the summer time, yes! I love laying out in the garden with a book and my headphones in and ice tea to drink, but since it’s now November in England, there’s no chance I’m going out when I could be inside by the fire with a hot chocolate and cuddled up with the cat!

Would you ever go see a movie alone?
Probably not. I’m not really a movie person and I can say that the last time I even went to the cinema was to see The Avengers which came out in like 2012!

Favourite online shop?
I love ASOS because of the sheer amount of stuff they have, and because it’s so damn reasonably priced (I may or may not have placed an order this evening…). I also love browsing through Boots – I just love drugstore makeup!

Anything to add? What else do you do in me time?
Me time is usually my days off work, so I like to read through blog posts and also use this time to write my own posts. Also just laying in bed. All day!

That’s all the questions! I hope you enjoyed it. I’m going to tag Amy at westallhead, aspenofmars, beverbeee, lifestyleforless, aaaand anyone else reading this who still hasn’t done this tag!

Talk to you later!


18 thoughts on “The ‘Me Time’ Tag

  1. Thank you so much for the lovely and kind shout out 🙂 I love all of your answers! I too love the smell of vanilla over cinnamon or even pumpkin. So glad you did this tag too! ❤ xo


  2. Strawberry buttercream candles are sooo nice when they burn! My friend got me a selection of Yankee votives for my birthday last year including that one 😊 x


      • Christmas cookie is lush! I also like salted caramel although that is very sweet so not an everyday scent for me. Black cherry is my all time fav and I recently discovered honey glow and mango peach salsa 😊 I love candles haha does it show? x


      • I love Black Cherry! That one and Black Coconut are two of my all time faves. I bought a couple of Strawberry Buttercream votives to try and I am LOVING them! Not quite as strong when you burn them but its good because you still get that beautiful scent and its totally not overpowering. I also got given a set of Snowflake Cookie tealights in a secret santa so I’m going to wait till my cold has gone to try them out because I literally can’t smell anything!
        No worries – I’m a crazy candle lady too! 😛 x


      • After talking to you the other day I went out and got a pack of Christmas cookie tea lights! Also found a votive in a scent I hadn’t heard of so grabbed that too 😊 x


      • Hahah, we just got a new store in Leicester Highcross called Aroma that sells Yankee Candles, so they’re a lot easier to get here now. Before it was just a limited selection at like Clintons etc. Ahh I just want them all! hehe. which votive did you get?! x


      • Ooo nice! It’s black plum blossom! The candle itself is a beautiful purple colour and it smelt good in store! I haven’t burnt it yet though x


      • i was looking at that one recently! I love the votives because you can try stuff out before you buy the large ones. want to treat myself to a few new scents i think 😛 x


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