Big hair, bold lips.

Hey there!

It’s been a while hasn’t it?! Working two jobs has kept me super busy these past few weeks (moving house is super expensive!), and this past Thursday – Sunday I went down to London to visit my boyfriend. So all round I’ve been busy busy busy! Since I’ve missed blogging so much, I’m taking time on my day off to get a few posts ready to post over the week.

Today I wanted to share with you the super easy look I’ve been rocking for a while now, mostly out of convenience! When you have to be up at 6:30am for a 9am start (and when you’re definitely not a morning person) the last thing you want to be doing is getting up even earlier to spend an hour doing hair and makeup. As a person who has super naturally straight hair that does not hold any style, I’ve found the only way to get the big wavy/curly hair I love is to plait (braid) half dried hair and sleep on it over night. I use a Dutch braid (passing the hair sections under each other instead of over like a French plait) because I find this is what works best for me. This is a bonus for me since 1- I’d much rather have a long bath in the evening, than a shower in the morning, and two- all you have to do is take out the plaits, finger comb gently, and that’s it – big wavy sexy hair!


For makeup I’ve been loving simple eye makeup and a bold lip. For eyes I’ve just been using either ‘Half Baked’ (a golden bronze) or ‘Verve’ (silver shimmer) from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette all over the lid and into the inner corner, and blending it out with a tiny bit of ‘Tease’ (pale matte brown). On this particular day I used a thin line of gel liner (MAC Fluidline in ‘Blacktrack’) but for the most part I’ve simply been adding a touch of ‘Busted’ (deep brown shimmer) to the outer lash line, and lining my tight line with the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof kohl kajal in ‘Black’ before finishing with mascara.

I’ve always been more of a lipstick person, and have way too many for a girl that basically just sticks to one colour anyway, so love to pair a bold lip with a basic eye look. I’ve been wearing my old favourite ‘MAC Red’ by MAC for quite some time now, but since I’m coming to the end of my tube I’ve been considering switching to the much raved about ‘Russian Red’ – so let me know what you think of it if you have it! I’ve been pairing MAC Red with the NYX Slim Lip Pencil in ‘Deep Red’ to get a really nice crisp line around the lips, and to help give the lipstick something to hold on to for longer lasting lip colour.

So that’s it! For a makeup look that looks like you taken a lot more time and effort that it actually has, try out something like this! Do let me know what some of your favourite bold lip colours are, or what your go-to makeup look has been recently. I’d love to try something new!

Talk to you later!



6 thoughts on “Big hair, bold lips.

  1. You look absolutely beautiful! I really like MAC’s Russian Red by the way and I think you would love it too! 😉 xo


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