Empties #1

Hey there!

Since I’ve been unwell this week (got a scratch on my eye and it’s nasty – I won’t go into details!) and can’t wait my contacts or makeup for the time being, I though I’d share with you the products that I’ve used up in the past couple of month; no makeup, just hair, bath, and body.

LUSH Charity Pot hand and body lotion

IMG_5355 IMG_5356

This Charity Pot is actually of the old formula (still available but now in a bottle and renamed ‘Formulae Known As’) – the new Charity Pot being a self preserved version. I actually have repurchased both the new Charity Pot, and the Formulae Known As because I seriously love them both so much. Formulae Known As is such a beautiful creamy scented lotion, which works so much better in it’s new packaging because of the fact it’s quite a thin consistency. However, it’s still super moisturising and a little goes a long way. Also, all the money from Charity Pot – excluding VAT – goes towards small grassroots charities in the UK, so basically it’s donating money to charity and you get a beautiful lotion in return!

LUSH Daddy-O shampoo


As you can probably tell from the very little amount that is left dripping about in the bottle, it is a purple shampoo. It smells beautifully like violets and is intended to take away brassy tones in the hair – perfect for blonde and grey hair, but also for dark hair as well. I will definitely be repurchasing another large bottle of this, even despite the hefty price tag. It lathers well and is gentle enough to use as your regular shampoo, and leaves your hair smelling amazing!

Batiste Dry Shampoo


Everyone knows how amazing the Batiste dry shampoo range is – I almost don’t need to write anything about it! This one is the coconut & exotic ‘tropical’ fragrance, and is my favourite that I’ve tried so far. It instantly refreshes the hair, gives lift at the roots, and is so easy to use!

Soap and Glory Foam Call body wash


I do love Soap and Glory shower gels/body washes. It does everything it should do – cleans, lathers decent but much better when used with a loofa, and leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturised. This wasn’t my favourite of all the different versions I’ve tried, but it was really nice to use as a more calming, creamy scented shower gel for evening baths/showers, as opposed to something that would wake you up in the morning. I might repurchase this in the future, but at the moment I have many other shower gels on the go!

Johnsons Make Be Gone face wipes


These are my favourite make up wipes! I’ve spoken about them many times before, and I will always repurchase them, but right now I’m currently trying out Ultrabland by LUSH as a make up remover (which I can review if anyone is interested?!). Still, they’re the most moisturising makeup wipes I’ve used and actually get rid of the majority of makeup too.

LUSH Rub Rub Rub shower scrub


This is a mini version of the shower scrub which I actually used up ages ago. Rub Rub Rub is my favourite body scrub that I’ve tried and has the most beautiful uplifting blossom scent (same as the Sakura bath bomb for anyone who has tried it!), and I have repurchased it many many times. I have not used anything that leaves your skin as smooth as this – it’s just one of those products that makes you feel amazing! I do currently have a full sized pot of this on the go at the minute, and my mum is loving it too! Top tip: this goes amazingly mixed with the new Christmas limited edition LUSH ‘So White’ shower gel.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Shine


Now, I used to love the Aussie hair products, especially the 3 Minute Miracle hair treatments, but this time around I just wasn’t impressed. I felt it didn’t offer anything extra to a regular conditioner, and that I had to use so much of it to feel it was doing anything. Even after combing and drying I still wasn’t all that impressed with it. Perhaps it’s because my hair needs have changed a lot recently (too much at home bleaching!) and my hair needs something stronger. Either way, I know a lot of people love this product; it maybe just isn’t for me.

TRESemmé Heat Protector Spray


To be honest, this is the only heat protector spray I use. I once tried a Vo5 version and it smelt all musky, like mens aftershave, and that’s not really how I wanted my hair to smell – so I went back to good old TRESemmé. It’s a brand I trust, has a nice light fresh scent, and as far as I can tell it does the job! I used to not bother with heat protectors (since I don’t straighten my hair and rarely curl it) but now I never even blow dry it without using this. I think with this one you get good quality for a decent price, and I shall be repurchasing soon!

Simple Light Moisturiser


This is a lovely, light, simple moisturiser that I have repurchased time and time again. It works nicely under foundation because it sinks in quickly and moisturises without making your face feel greasy or like there’s a layer of product on before you even start your makeup. It’s super cheap, and again, it’s a brand I trust. Even with my sensitive skin I’ve never had a problem. I would repurchase without a second thought, however right now I’m trying out a LUSH moisturiser to see how that works.

And that’s pretty much what I’ve used up in the past few months. I’m really bad at not actually finishing products and just buying new things that catch my eye, however, with plans of moving house again I’m trying to use everything up before buying new so I don’t have a tonne of stuff to move with again! Let me know in the comments; what was the last product you used up?!

Talk to you later,


9 thoughts on “Empties #1

  1. You definitely love your lush products don’t you? lol. I rarely use up products it seems because I am always buying and trying out new ones. Maybe that’s why I don’t ever do empties posts lol. I should start trying to use up what I have though and maybe do one. Though I have recently used up my Macadamia Professional Cleansing Conditioner which I love and plan on repurchasing. I had gotten it in a birchbox. Anyway, great post as aways! ❤ xo


    • Hahah, it’s my job I have to! (thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it!) I was always the same – that’s why i’ve been collecting empties for a little while now. I really want to try some Macadamia stuff! I always see such great reviews for everything by the brand, and I need some good hair stuff.
      Thanks so much, my love! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah definitely try the Macadamia cleansing conditioner! I will try to start collecting my empties because it does make for an easier post. And I need to get myself some lush products soon! Maybe I will pick some up while I’m visiting family in Michigan. I hope all is well! 🙂 Much love! ❤ xo


      • I always like seeing empties because I like to know what people enjoy enough to use up completely, and whether they’d repurchase.
        You’ll have to let me know what you get if you pick anything up! ❤ xx


  2. The TRESemme Heat Defence is the only heat defence spray I’ll use, as none of the others come close, no point changing it up when its so good at what it does. Repurchased it so much over the years x


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