Get Ready for Autumn #5 – Lazy Day Essentials

Hello beautiful people!

Now first off let me just quickly say that I feel so bad because my last post was actually last weeks GRFA post, meaning I have been very slack on the blog lately. But also I realised that I have only had one day off from work this month (excluding the little weekend I spent in London for mine and my boyfriends anniversary), which is not great. I’ve been so exhausted and I felt so ill last night that I realised it’s time to take better care of myself. Working hard, saving money to move house, and working for something I love is important, but if all that means you end up killing yourself in the process then what do you gain from it?! That’s why today’s post is going to be on my lazy day essentials; all the things that I love to treat myself to when I have a day off work and feel like I just need a good ol’ pamper. I love these days, especially in autumn, because when it’s all cold and drizzly outside all I want to do is stay inside all cosy and warm! So lets move on so I can share with you all the things I love about lazy autumn/winter days!

Dressing gown/pyjamas 

IMG_5252 IMG_5253Yes these are Batman. Yes I stole them from my boyfriend…

It has been a long long time since I stayed in bed till gone midday, lounging about in my pjs/comfies all wrapped up in my duvet and dressing gown. Today has been a super YouTube catch up day, in particular MoreZoella vlogs, and I seriously think I needed a super lazy morning! I can see the grey skies and blowing trees through my window but from the comfort of my duvet I couldn’t care less!

A hot drink and chocolate


We all know hot chocolate is an absolute essential for cold winter days (if only I had whipped cream and marshmallows to go on top), but for a chocoholic like myself you also obviously need some chocolate to go with it. Today I’ve been polishing off the Terry’s Chocolate Orange my dad bought me the other night (sorry I didn’t save you any, pappa!) and I forgot how much I adore chocolate orange! Don’t judge me but I’m quite partial to a chocolate dipped in chocolate!

A bubble bath

IMG_5249 IMG_5270

Second best to being snuggled up in bed is laying in pink blackcurrent scented bath water surrounded by fluffy bubbles. The other day I purchased an old LUSH favourite of mine that I haven’t had in way too long; The Comforter bubble bar. It is probably my favourite LUSH scent, and of course a luxurious bath is a must have for a lazy day.

A good book

IMG_5255Something light-hearted…

I love reading, especially in a nice hot bubble bath. I literally spend hours just soaking away my troubles. The book I’m working my way through (very slowly) at the moment is ‘Fatal Voyage’ by Kathy Reichs. She’s a real life forensic anthropologist and also the producer of my favourite TV show BONES, so if you’re into murder stories you should check her out. Hopefully with an entire weekend away from work I’ll have time to make good progress on my reading.

A skin care treat


One of the perks of working at LUSH is the bag full of skin care and hair care samples I’ve come home with. There’s nothing that makes me feel quite as good as really giving my face and body a good pamper, and just feeling super fresh and clean. Today I’m trying out the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser, Cosmetic Lad moisturiser, and will obviously be using one of my favourite products; Cupcake face mask!

A Disney movie

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 22.03.21Let it goooo…

I may be 21 but there is nothing wrong with enjoying a good Disney movie! Now that the weather is changing I have been wanting to watch Frozen for quite some time, so obviously today must be the day that I get comfy in bed and watch a feel good Disney movie!

And fresh bed sheets


I’m sure a lot of people will know what I mean when I say I cannot express how amazing it feels to get into your bed at night with fresh sheets when you had a nice long soak in the bath. Tip to you all; this is especially nice when you’ve just shaved and moisturised your legs – there is nothing that feels as soothy smooth as that! Best thing about it as well is knowing you also have the next day off work and you don’t have to set an alarm!

So there you have it! Do let me know down in the comments what your favourite lazy day essentials are – I would love some suggestions for next time! I’m hoping to get a few more blog posts done tomorrow so I can treat you throughout the week since I have another busy week at work.

Talk to you later!



12 thoughts on “Get Ready for Autumn #5 – Lazy Day Essentials

    • I know the feeling! So glad for only having a 4 hour shift tomorrow, so it’s like I’m being gently thrown back into the working week! hahah. My family has a week off now because its half term – for once I’m the only one who’ll be getting up for work!


  1. Love all of your lazy day rituals! I completely agree with all of them. Comfort food is a must as well as comfy pajamas and the fresh clean sheets. I am more of a shower girl. So after I have a nice warm relaxing shower, I like to put on some fresh pajamas, jump into bed with fresh sheets and enjoy my favorites treats. You can always find me drinking my precious Vanilla Iced Coffee that I buy from the store and reading blogs and catching up with what’s going on in the world. Great post as always! 🙂 ❤ xo


    • Yesss it was so nice to just chill out and spend some time for myself. Ooooh sounds like a good day. Sometimes if I feel like I can be bothered I’ll paint my nails too – sit back to let them dry whilst watching TV or a film. But yesterday I was feeling super lazy! Hahah.
      Thanks so much ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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