The Les Miserables Challenge

Hey gals and guys.

I am super excited to do this challenge today because, as you can see by the title, it’s the Les Mis challenge! I saw this on elfypie’s blog and just had to do it. Les Miserables has been my favourite musical since I first saw it at the lovely Queens Theatre. No one will ever replace the amazing 10th anniversary dream cast, but I’ve never seen a version that I didn’t love! So lets get started!

1- How did you first learn about Les Miserables?
I was part of a ‘gifted and talented’ group for music and art back in high school and we went to the West End every year – in year 9 (age 16-ish) we went to see Les Mis! It was literally one of the best days ever!

2- When, where and what was your first Cameron Mackintosh performance or Les Miserables?
As I said before, it was Les Miserables when I was in school. It was at the Queens Theatre, London, and I think it was around 2006/7.

3. Favourite minor character?
It’s always Gavroche! He’s such a cutie!

4. Least favourite character?
I don’t particularly like Cosette to be honest! But I think that’s just because Marius belongs with Eponine! (Teehee)

5. Favourite part of the stage version?
The revolve in the stage was used so well when I saw it the first time – with the working women during the ‘turning, turning, turning through the years’ bit.

6. Favourite male costume?
Philip Quast as Javert!


7. Favourite female costume?
Samatha Barks as Eponine in the 25th Anniversary stage show.


8. Favourite song?
I love so many! But I do adore ‘Stars’. Again, Philip Quast just blows me away in this one.

9. Least favourite song?
Don’t ask me! There is none!

10. Favourite sung line? (Act 1)

‘And if you fall, as Lucifer fell, you fall in vein’ – Javert, Stars

‘And so it must be, for so it is written, on the doorway to paradise, that those who falter and those who fall, must pay the price.’ – Javert, Stars (again)

‘If he’d asked, I’d be his’ – Eponine, In My Life.

11. Favourite sung line? (Act 2)

‘The summers die, one by one, how soon they fly, on and on, and I am old, and will be gone.’ Jean Val Jean, Bring Him Home

‘Just hold me now, and let it be, shelter me, comfort me’ Eponine, A Little Fall of Rain

12. Favourite instrumental portion of the score?
Probably the opening of ‘Look Down’ at the very start of the show. There’s nothing like sitting in the theatre and hearing those opening notes that are just so loud it’s like vibrating through the theatre. So exciting!

13. Favourite Jean Val Jean?
No one other than Colm Wilkinson

14. Favourite Javert?
Philip Quast every time. His version of Stars makes me tear up!

15. Favourite Enjolras?
Michael Maguire – basically the 10th anniversary dream cast!

16. What is the line you always mess up when singing?
So many!

17. Whose part do you follow/sing when multiple people are singing?
Always Eponine!

18. Song with the highest play count on iTunes?
I don’t have the soundtracks on iTunes, I usually just have the DVD playing.

19. Have you seen the 25th Anniversary concert?
Only on DVD.

20. Opinion on the 2012 movie?
I haven’t seen it! I was going to see it at the cinema when it first came out with my boyfriend because it was around the time of my birthday, but we had loads of snow for weeks and London just shuts down in the snow. Now it’s two years later and I still haven’t seen it! I promised my mum we’d watch it together, but I’m kinda scared I’ll hate it.

21. Favourite part of the 2012 movie?
See above.

22. Favourite interview of cast members?
I never really bother watching stuff like that – I’m rubbish!

23. Favourite Les Mis gif?
I did look for some but I just really hate so many Les Mis memes and gifs!

24. Favourite Les Mis related Youtube video?
Don’t really watch any.

25. Favourite Les Mis item I own?
The DVDs. I like to stick one on my laptop and play it whilst cooking!

26. Favourite cast member ship?
I don’t know about cast members, but Marius was always meant to be with Eponine!

27. Favourite fan art?
Les Mis hamsters!
Note: I couldn’t find the source for where this came from! It was just on google, if anyone knows do leave a comment so I can appropriately credit.

28. Favourite headcannon?
I don’t know!

29. Favourite thing about the Les Mis story?
Everything! I love the way all these lives intertwine and come together, and how it tells the story of the Paris Uprising in a way that you can actually relate to these characters.

Phew! We made it through! If you love Les Mis you have to do this tag – it’s such fun recalling all your favourite things about the musical. Hope you enjoyed this post, and thanks again to Elfypie for doing her version of the challenge in the first place!

Talk to you later!


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