A Beauty Review: Lush Dirty Springwater

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Ordinarily I wouldn’t really think to review a shower gel because, lets face it, they’re not the most interesting of products, and generally I think they’re either great or they’re pretty ‘meh’. However I do love this one; the Dirty Springwash shower gel by LUSH. Before I start, I do apologise in advance if I go on and on about LUSH the next coming months – you may or may not know I just got a Christmas temp job there and am super excited about trying as many products as I can! If you’d be interested in seeing a review about any particular product do let me know! Anywhoo, lets jump into this…


To be honest I didn’t have the greatest of expectations for this shower gel, usually I’m strictly a Soap and Glory shower gel user; most other shower gels I’ve tried tend to be somewhat watery, and I love the creamy texture and scents of S&G shower gels. I was also worried that the spearmint scent would just be ‘toothpastey’. However, I was wrong. The spearmint oil is much more refreshing and a sort of sweet mint scent, and – if I was a morning shower kinda person – it would definitely wake me up in the morning. I find the scent actually stays with your for a while after drying off – not so much that it’s overpowering, but enough so that you do feel refreshed. In fact, my entire family loves this product; even my brother and my dad. It’s a classic unisex scent (technically all LUSH products are ‘unisex’ but obviously some scents will lean more towards ‘girly’) that suits everyone!

The texture of this shower gel is super smooth, and a lot thicker and creamier than I was expecting; I was pleasantly surprised! It lathered up really nicely, even without using a loofa or cloth etc, and a little goes quite a long way. This is the first thing I would reach for in the shower after a long day at work, or a session at the gym. It’s so invigorating and smooth.


LUSH shower gels are somewhat more expensive than other shower gels – this considering I’d usually spend around £6.50 on a 500ml Soap and Glory shower gel. There is no blanket price for LUSH products but Dirty Springwash retails for £4.50/100ml, £8.95/250ml, and £15.45/500ml. I can’t comment on how long this product is going to last, but perhaps if it features in an empties post in the future, then I’ll let you know!

Overall, I’ll definitely be trying out other LUSH shower gels. I was super impressed with the consistency, scent, and feeling of Dirty Springwash, and so I would love to try out some more.

Refreshing and invigorating
Great for all the family
Gentle, natural ingredients
Long lasting scent that stays with you after drying off
Comes in three different sizes – you can try a smaller ‘sample’ size before committing!

Somewhat expensive compared to other brands

So I hope that’s explained enough about the Dirty Springwash shower gel. Do let me know if you have any questions. ‘Dirty’ is actually a LUSH signature scent that is featured across the range, all products having a slightly different but complimentary scent, that when combined create a scent close to their ‘Dirty’ body spray. Have you tried any LUSH shower gels, and which would you recommend?

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16 thoughts on “A Beauty Review: Lush Dirty Springwater

    • Hahah thanks – it’s only temporary at the minute so we’ll have to see come december whether they want me to reapply for a full time position!
      There’s a bunch of new shampoo bars about to come out if youre interested (;
      Mask of Mag is definitely next on my wish list! ❤


    • How strange, I’ve already done it! 😛 I’m posting it on Saturday for my Get Ready for Autumn series. Hahah. I will check out your post though, and thanks so much for tagging me, gorgeous! xxx


      • Thanks for checking it out! Looking forward to reading yours! You’re welcome gorgeous! xox


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