Get Ready for Autumn #2 – Knitted Jumpers

Hey there!

Last week I started a little saturday series called ‘Get Ready for Autumn’ in which I talked about nail polish colours I’ll be using over the colder months. If you’ve not read that post, feel free to click here and go check it out! This week however I want to to talk about one of my favourite types of clothing, and one that I have been dearly missing over the summer; knitted jumpers. I love knitted jumpers, or jumpers in general, and I have a few from my collection that I want to share with you – though I’m sure i’ll probably end up with a few more this year. There’s usually one sitting under the Christmas tree for me on Christmas day!

First off is this oversized cream knitted cardigan from ASOS. It has little dark specs in it, and wooden buttons, and also is a little shorter at the back than it is at the front. It’s super comfy and I wear it whenever I can, but is also surprisingly warm!

IMG_5137 IMG_5138

Next is one of my favourites, and a gift for Christmas from last year. It’s a cable knit, dark grey jumper from New Look that I wore to death last year, with two little pockets on the front. This one looks so damn cute with a high waisted skater skirt, tights, boots, and a light-weight scarf. This is one of those jumpers that you can snuggle up in on a cold winters day, and will keep you all lovely and warm!

IMG_5133 IMG_5134

Another grey jumper. This series is definitely just going to demonstrate how colourless my wardrobe is! What I love about grey jumpers is pairing them with bright and bold lipsticks – I’m not one to shy away from ‘summer’ shades like MAC’s ‘Impassioned’ just because it’s a little bit colder. This light grey number is a thinner knit to the one before, is cropped at the front and drops down lower at the back. It’s perfect for rainy days to add some warmth and can be worn more comfortably under a coat because it’s not as bulky.

IMG_5131 IMG_5132

Lastly – though I’m not technically sure this is a knitted fabric – is this burgundy/berry red jumper. This one is a longer length and has tighter sleeves, and is a light weight jumper but is a nice way to add a little bit of colour to my wardrobe. I love to wear this with a black dress, or black maxi skirt and my converse for days where it’s not as cold and rainy, but there’s still a bit of a nip in the air. Again, this one is super easy to wear under a coat so is a nice addition to the collection! Unfortunately this jumper is getting a little worn and bobbly, so this year might be it’s last. I think that means it’s time to go shopping!

IMG_5135 IMG_5136

A knitted jumper is definitely an autumn/winter essential for me! What can you not live without in the colder months?

(A.N. I wanted to have pictures of me actually wearing the jumpers, but I’m not feeling well and am currently in my pj’s watching NCIS – believe me, you wouldn’t want to see me now! – so I hope these photos are okay.)

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