Oh, The Places You’ll Go Travel Tag

Hey there!

So very recently I was tagged by the lovely Aspenofmars to do a tag that she created herself (check it out here). Like Aspen, I am a great lover of travel and have so many places I want to visit, so couldn’t pass up this tag! Moving on, here are the questions…

1. If you could hop on a plane to anywhere, right now, where you would you go?

South PerthSouth Perth, from the ferry.

Probably to Perth, Australia, because I have friends out there who I miss very much. I actually hope to go back next November because one of my best friends is getting married!

2. Do you have a scent that takes you back to a memorable vacation?
Probably ‘Very Irresistible Givenchy’. It was my first proper perfume I ever owned and got it whilst on holiday in Spain (Menorca or Mallorca, I don’t remember!)

3. If you had the choice, would you rather drive, fly, or take a train?
Probably fly. I seriously hate flying (after a bad flight I had going to Belfast, NI), but living in the UK somewhat limits my options to get very far. I can get the Eurostar into France but I wouldn’t want to have to travel on a train all over Europe just to get to one place. However, I’d love to road trip through America some day.

4. Have you lived in the same city all your life, or have you moved frequently throughout growing up?

My family have always lived in the same house – in the countryside of Leicestershire, England. However, I moved to just outside of London for my three years of university.

5. Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship?
I guess what I have now is considered long distance. My boyfriend and myself have had to move back to our family homes for the time being to save money to get a place together. 100 miles feels long-distance to me!

6. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done whilst on vacation?

I don’t know. But I think travelling all the way to Australia on my own at 17 years old to visit someone I’d never met in person is probably something pretty crazy. However it was three of the best weeks of my life, and I have two of the best friends over there I could ever ask for. If only the UK and Australia weren’t so far apart!

7. Do you get jet-lagged after a long flight?

bollywoodNew Years Eve in Australia – Bollywood themed! 

I did in Australia. But I think that’s guaranteed with an 8 hour time difference. I slept through till 4pm one afternoon and Mads had to come wake me up because we were cooking dinner for her grandparents that night. I slept through 40’C heat wrapped up in a duvet!

8. Dream vacation?

Probably New York City. I just want to live out my dream of being in Sex and the City!

9. Worst vacation?
I haven’t had a worst vacation!  I haven’t been away in years, but I’ve loved every moment I’ve had on holiday.

10. Would you ever go on vacation to somewhere you’ve already been?
Definitely. I’ve been to Menorca and Mallorca many times and I wouldn’t hesitate going back. I also love Portugal too, and of course I’d go back to Australia at the drop of the hat!

That’s all the questions! I’m going to tag; Katie at Plus+ Beauty, A Vibrant Day, Clare’s Beauty, BeverbeeBeauty by Brooke LeAnneRachwat and PluAnna. Thanks again to Aspen for coming up with these questions, and for choosing to tag me!

Talk to you later!



15 thoughts on “Oh, The Places You’ll Go Travel Tag

  1. what a fun tag!!! looks like you’ve traveled to some great places!!! I’m jealous!!! I enjoyed reading your favorites!! Can’t wait to do this, it will be hard to narrow it down , I want to go everywhere lol. thanks for tagging me hun!! 🙂 ❤ xoxo


    • I’m always planning holidays! I wish I could just go travelling all over the place. I’ve never been to Milan or Paris but I’d love to go! I really want to go back to Portugal at some point, we stayed in the nicest villa last time, and it’s just such a lovely place!


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