Get Ready For Autum #1 – Nails


Wowee, it’s been a few days since I’ve posted so I just want to take a minute to basically update you on my life over the past week or so (because it’s my blog and I can do that if I want!). So if you saw my graduation post you’ll know that last weekend, from Thursday – Sunday, I was away in London for my graduation and visiting my boyfriend who lives down there. It was also last week that I was offered a trail shift at Lush for a Christmas temp position so I had to book my tickets home a day early because my trail was on Monday – the day I was planning on leaving London. Unfortunately East Midlands Trains decided that Sunday was the day they were closing half the line for maintenance, and I basically had to go to a new London station (scary!) and travel a extra hour out the way to the city where my dad works so he could pick me up and drive me another hour back home. It was a bit of a mess but worth it in the end because I got the job at Lush! (Yay!) Anywhoo, this week from Tuesday – Friday I was working 10-5 (almost like a proper full time job!) at the golf club where I waitress to cover for the main waitress who was away. So I really haven’t had much motivation to do much else but come home, run a bubble bath and read my newest Linwood Barclay book!

So that was my week! How was yours?!

Getting back to the point of the blog, I think I’m going to start a Saturday series all about ‘Getting Ready for Autumn’ (or ‘fall’ for those of you across the pond) in which I’m going to share with you my favourite things about this season! I think autumn is probably my favourite season over here in England; I love knitted jumpers, berry lip shades, deep nail colours, boots and scarves and hats! Today’s post is going to be about nail polish shades that I just love for autumn/winter time.

DSCF5591You like this photo?! It was taken on my proper camera, something I hope to continue in future posts to make my blog that little bit better! Unfortunately I didn’t the natural light left to do the rest.


The first shade is ‘Raspberry’ by one of my favourite nail brands – Barry M. If you’re looking for super affordable and really great quality then look no further than Barry M! ‘Raspberry’ is what I’ve been wearing on my nails all week (I repainted for this post!) because I’ve just been feeling super autumn-y with the recent change in weather here. The nights are drawing in, and the mornings are misty and grey. It’s just a really nice deep brown toned red, that has that hint of raspberry pink to it in the right light.


Next is another Barry M shade (surprise surprise), this time from the Gelly collection. This polish is called ‘Blackberry’. It’s just a lovely deep, glossy navy blue colour. The only thing about this shade is that I find it just goes everywhere when you remove it, and gets all behind your nails. So that’s why I don’t reach for it as often, only when I know I’ll have the patience to use a fair few cotton pads of nail varnish remover to clean it all up! But don’t let that deter you! It is the perfect navy colour!


The next two are both by Nails Inc, one a lovely deep grey, and the other a more mauve/nude shade, named ‘The Thames’ and ‘Porchester Square’ respectively. There’s something about greys that just scream out winter time to me – probably because it’s the permanent colour of our sky here, plus you can feel confident your nails wont clash with any colour you might be wearing.


Staying with the nude theme, Barry M’s ‘Lychee’, also from Gelly collection, is a favourite of mine all year round, but I think this one is going to look so good with grey knitted jumpers and tan boots. Can you see a colour theme going on for my winter styling?! This is probably also one of my favourite polishes in my collection just because it applies so well, and also is a dream to remove. Just a really easy one to use that you can pair with pretty much anything.

IMG_5066 IMG_5069

These last two are sort of like bonus winter time shades; I’m not one to shy away from glitter any time of the year, but Christmas time is when it is fully embraced by all! These are another two from Nails Inc; a gorgeous shimmery red named ‘The Boltons’, and the perfect gold glitter (which unfortunately I have completely used up!) called ‘Chelsea Embankment’. I am never usually the biggest christmas person, especially in the last few years because I always feel sad I never get to spend it with my boyfriend, but this year I. AM. BUZZING! Perhaps it’s having this job that I’m so excited about that’s getting me in the christmas spirit, but either way I am so excited for shimmery and glittery nail polishes that even looking at these two is making me smile. Both are a dream to apply and remove, and the red is perfect if you’re in a rush because you can get away with one coat and it dries so quickly! I don’t know what it is about this formula that’s any different because they’re all from the same set, but this shade is amazing!

So there you have it! Please comment with your favourite nail shades for autumn/winter, I think I need to expand and broaden my horizons! I’ll be back next Saturday with another post from this series (if you’d like that of course!).

Talk to you later!


17 thoughts on “Get Ready For Autum #1 – Nails

  1. Congratulations on graduating and getting the job! Stock up whilst you are there, oh Christmas lush products!! 😍😁 that Barry M nude colour is Ah-mazing! Excited for the series😊 x


  2. What a great series idea! I am so looking forward to reading it! Congrats on getting the job officially! 🙂


  3. I love jewel tones for autumn! I’m currently on the look out for the perfect emerald green. I was eyeing up revlon’s gel in boots the other day as they’ve got a beautiful deep green shade x


    • Ohhh yes, I’ve got the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette as well, which honestly I hardly ever touch, and that had some amazing jewel toned shadows in that I think I may work on some looks for.
      I do want to get some new nail polishes, so I think i’ll check those out! I tend to just stick with old favourites sometimes… x


      • Me too! Although glossybox have sent me some beautiful colours that have helped me branch out. British racing green/ emerald green is my favourite colour though and it’s so hard to find the perfect shade of green! Many deep green varnishes are quite blue x


      • Yeah true, I’m not sure jewel colours suit me so well, but I’d love to try something new. I’m going shopping soon (again…hehe) so I’ll have a look about. :p x


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