The Lush Interview Process

Hi there!

I’m sure most of you have heard of Lush Cosmetics; a vegetarian/vegan friendly cosmetics company that makes amazing bath, body, and hair products. Lets face it, you must have been living under a rock to have not at least heard of them, or smelt them from a distance on the high street or in a shopping centre. If you’re reading this you might have found this post because you are in the same situation I have been in over the past week; going through the gruelling process of applying for a job at Lush Cosmetics (either that or your just a follower of mine and want to know what I’ve been getting up to!). I know that I did the same exact thing the night before my interview, searching the web to see if anyone else had posted about their experience with the Lush interview process. So I thought I would help out my fellow Lush lovers by sharing my experience…

When I saw that my local Lush was hiring for Christmas temps I thought this would be perfect for me – I love Lush (of course) and need a job until about January time, which is exactly what Christmas temp work offers. I emailed over my CV, and perhaps a day or two after the cut off point I was emailed to be told they were impressed with my CV and wanted to offer me a group interview…in four weeks time. Yes, I had to wait four weeks for my interview, so bring on four weeks of stressing about what to expect. As I said, it wasn’t until the night before that I checked online to read posts about other peoples experiences and if you, like me, are currently doing that now you may just be crapping your pants about it. I think looking at these blogs made me feel 10 times more nervous because there was no two experiences a like.

For my interview, there were about 16 people in the end who turned up (I saw that about 25ish people we’re emailed to be invited), and after being given name tags we had a little introduction to the girls and what to expect from the jobs. Then we were split into two random groups; one group went upstairs and we stayed downstairs before swapping over. Downstairs we did a demo of a random Lush product in pairs to the rest of the group (ours was Dragons Egg bath bomb! Yum!), and upstairs we made a poster and did a mini presentation in groups of 4 on more of the ethics side of the company. We did self-preserving products, and the others did Charity Pot and the related charities. Of course when demo-ing the products they never expected us to know all the ingredients etc, in fact we were given a Lush Times to flick through and look up the product or read the related articles. They just wanted us to talk about what the product did, and what sort of person would recommend the product for, and obviously to see if we were comfortable selling a product to people! If you can’t get excited about the product you’re selling then it’s not going to work out, is it?!

I was in fact called back the next day with the offer of a trial shit the following Monday (Today!/15th). It was super laid back and started with a quick interview just asking questions about customer service, etc etc, then a shop tour and a half hour trail shift. Because it was 10:30 on a Monday morning it wasn’t particularly busy, so in the half hour there was perhaps 3/4 customers, I was however left to it and encouraged to approach the customers so the staff could see how I interact with customers. After this I was called back up to the office and apparently they liked me because they’ve offered me a job! They also gave me a little goodie bag of products to try out before my training day next week.


The point of this blog was not to talk about me getting a job (okay, just a little bit!) but to let you know that if you are going for a job at Lush, don’t stress about it. It was the most fun I’ve had at a job interview – I mean where else are you going to get to play with gorgeous smelling bath products and make posters?! Even if I had got a call back to say they weren’t interested I wouldn’t have minded either way, I seriously had a lot of fun and the girls there were so nice, and made you feel at home!

So overall my advice to you is:

1- Don’t stress, it’s not nearly as bad as you think it might be
2- Read a few articles and brush up on a few of their best sellers
3- But don’t expect/over prepare for one certain thing. Everyone’s interview process is different!
4- Just have fun! You might not get an interview like this again, so make the most of it!

If you’re going through the awful task of trying to find a job, good luck to you! The right thing will come a long eventually!

Talk to you later!


13 thoughts on “The Lush Interview Process

  1. This has been so helpful! I was totally stressing but it sounds like so much fun 🙂 did they ask you to bring an object that represents your personality?! What is with that?

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    • It really was so much fun! Once I got there and got chatting with everyone I was definitely so much calmer. We never did that one but I have seen other people talking about having to bring in an object – how weird! I would have no idea what to bring in! X

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  2. I just went for an interview at LUSH last night and I’m glad I read over your post in preparation beforehand. It was funny to see that the interview process is the same whether you’re in England or Canada. Thanks for the great tips, definitely calmed my nerves and helped me show off my full personality. Congrats on the job, hopefully we will be LUSH sisters soon 🙂


  3. Congratulations on the job! You’re going to have so much fun – especially with all the Christmas stock coming in (so jealous if you get a discount!!) 🙂 xox


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