Life Update: Graduation

Hey there!

It’s been a few days, hasn’t it?! If you’re one of the few that follow me on Instagram, you’ll know the reason for my absence is because I was back in London (again) this past weekend, this time for my university graduation! Myself, my younger brother and my parents all drove down on Thursday night to stay in a hotel where my boyfriend met us, to get up Friday morning to go back to my university!

I had a bit of a makeup meltdown (literally) on Friday morning because my hotel room felt like it was situated on the sun; I was so damn hot I couldn’t apply foundation without it just sliding off. I was also really sick in the morning, who knows if it was just nerves or actual sickness, but I couldn’t eat anything I just wanted to throw up. But once I was at college and saw all my buddies I was much much happier. My makeup looked crap, but I was happier! The ceremony was lovely and there was instrumentals songs from Rent (Seasons of Love) on the piano as we all got ready to receive our degrees, and a huge musical number by the performing students at the end – only at drama school, eh?! I even got a little emotional thinking I’d never go back to that crazy place and probably never see all of those people at the same place again!

Anyways, I thought I’d share a few photos of my day, and at some point I’ll recreate the makeup look I intended to do so you can see it a bit better, if you’re interested in seeing that of course!




Got to love a good selfie…



IMG_5001(Do excuse the Instgram filter…)

Congrats to anyone else who’s just graduated too! We did it! I’m going to miss you Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance!

Talk to you later!


10 thoughts on “Life Update: Graduation

  1. You went to Rose Bruford? I’m just about to start all my Drama School Auditions – any tips from someone who went through them and then got in? That’s so cool I’ve found someone also in the blogging community who does acting and does beauty blogging! Would love to hear more about your experience at drama school and living in London on a drama school student budget!

    PS. Your make-up didn’t look crap, it looked absolutely lovely 🙂 xox


    • Yep! I actually did Lighting Design. One thing I will say is not to stress too much; if you were already perfect and knew everything you wouldn’t need to go to drama school. I literally knew nothing about lighting before I went, but whilst they are looking for some talent, they want to know you’re enthusiastic and willing to learn! Drama school is difficult, and nothing like a ‘regular’ university, but it really is super fun and some of the best years of my life! Rose Bruford has the most amazing atmosphere and the people are fantastic!
      I’m always here if you have any questions, and my email is on my contacts page!
      And thanks! ❤ xx


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