Micellar Waters: L’Oreal Vs Garnier

Hello there!

As you’ve probably noticed micellar waters are a bit of a ‘thing’ at the moment, and whilst I haven’t tried many, there is two big name brand versions that I have tried. These micellar waters are generally described as doing multiple jobs in one product; usually along the lines of removing makeup, whilst also cleansing and toning, etc etc. These two are no different. The two I’ll be comparing in this post are the L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution, and the Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water. I’ll try and keep it short and sweet because I know I’m a rambler, but we’ll see how I do!

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To look at they’re not much different, i.e. they both look like water (duh!) but one thing you will notice is that they are about the same price, both retailing (at full price) for £4.99. However, the Garnier solution is twice the size of the L’Oreal version, 200ml to 400ml – meaning the Garnier one does give you more for your money.

As far as the makeup removing aspect goes, both products remove even mascara pretty well with minimal fuss, though I may give one point to Garnier on this one. I think the Garnier worked a little bit better in this aspect when I was wearing heavier makeup, but for general day-to-day use you can’t tell all that much difference between the two.

For cleansing and toning, I’d probably say that once again, they’re both very similar, but there was something about the L’Oreal one that left your skin feeling a bit nicer. Though neither left the skin feeling tight or dry, and actually cleansed the skin very well. I do prefer this sort of product over a face wash because I’m funny about getting products in my eyes – I think it’s mostly down to being a contacts wearer. Speaking of, neither of these products sting the eyes if you are to get any of the product in them – it is just like using water, you don’t even notice it!

The only reason I will probably never ever purchase one of the two ever again, is that I broke out, and broke out bad! I’m still dealing with it now, perhaps a week after I stopped using it. That unfortunately is down to the Garnier version. I hadn’t used any other new skin care products, it wasn’t a hormonal breakout because it was nowhere near ‘that time of the month’, this was the only thing that was different! All over my chin and around my mouth appeared loads of tiny ‘whitehead’ spots, and some more visible red spots. I read V’s post on whether it could be purging or just a breakout, and whilst neither of us are professionals or hold any sort of qualification, she suggested that I probably stopped using it, and I do agree. Both formulas claim to be suitable for sensitive skin, so I didn’t think I’d have any problems with either products, so it’s a shame I can’t use one any more!

In the mean time, I’ve passed over the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to my mum, and I’ve actually been using a Nivea eye makeup remover for my eye makeup (review to come eventually), and washing my face with my Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean. Hopefully it’ll all clear up soon especially since my graduation is this Friday coming! I think at some point I will repurchase the L’Oreal solution, just because it works well at removing all the last scraps of makeup (I like it use it after using a makeup wipe to get off the majority of makeup) and is super easy and convenient to use! Though Soap and Glory, and Boots Botanics range also both do micellar water solutions that I’d like to try too!

This is not to say I recommend the L’Oreal version over the Garnier – I know a lot of people love it – I just had a bad experience with it. Both are equally as good, so much so that I couldn’t tell all that much of a difference, so really, the Garnier is twice the quantity for the same price! And really they’re not too expensive that it would be a big waste if you didn’t get on with it.

Hope this might have helped you if you were deciding between the two.

Talk to you later!


14 thoughts on “Micellar Waters: L’Oreal Vs Garnier

  1. If you’re looking for other ones to try, I’d highly recommend the original Micellar Water – Bioderma. I’ve used it as a cleanser and now ‘lazy make-up remover’ for nearly a year and I love it. They come in huge 500ml bottles, and you can buy them in sets of 2 off Amazong for £15-19. So good and so worth it for the amount and results 🙂 xox


  2. It’s a shame you reacted to the Garnier one but everyone’s skin is different! I haven’t tried the loreal one but I have been using another micellar water and I’ve found the Garnier best for my skin! Hopefully your skin clears up ready for your graduation 🙂 x


    • Thanks! I hope so too! It isn’t that bad anymore so I can cover it, I just need to get a foundation before thursday because i’ve ran out of my favourite! x


  3. I’ve been using the Garnier and it works well for me, I’m sorry you had a reaction to it, I hope your skin clears up before graduation. I’ve literally just bought the Soap and Glory one but haven’t had chance to use it yet. xxx


    • Thanks sweetie! ❤
      Well you'll have to let us know what the S&G one is like then! I just thought it was a little more expensive compared to the likes of these two, but maybe that means I won't break out! 😛


      • It is a bit more expensive but I really wanted to try it and Soap and Glory was on buy one get one half price at Boots. I just wanted to try a different one to see what it’s like. I’m a contact lense wearer as well and share the same fear of getting anything in my eyes. The Garnier one is really good value for money though. xx


      • Ooooh always got to take up the offers! Maybe i’ll pick it up one day, perhaps after i’ve tried out this makeup remover i’m using. I do love S&G products, they feel a bit more high end without being quite as expensive. xx


      • I love Soap and Glory for the same reason and I can never resist when they’re on offer. But this time I did actually need the things I bought, especially the Micellar water, so I don’t feel too guilty. I am currently trying out the Benefit They’re Real! Eye Makeup Remover but I think I like Micellar Waters better. xxx


      • Yeah true, they’re usually 3 for 2 as well and you just cant say no to that! 😛
        I’ve heard the They’re Real one is really good actually, but I’ve not tried it so I can comment. But yeah I do love my Micellar waters! xxx


      • I have a review of the They’re Real! Remover on my blog. I’ve just used the Soap and Glory Micellar Water for the first time today and my first impression is that I’m going to really, really like it! 🙂 xxx


  4. I brought the Boots botanics one the other day and love it, haven’t tried these too yet. Such a shame you had a bad reaction, I hate it when that happens when you like a product!


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