The ‘Super Fun Time Excellence Good Nice Blogger Fancy Person’ Award


Don’t you just love the name of this award?!

So yes! Another awards post! But I couldn’t pass this one up, mostly because I was nominated by the gorgeous and oh so lovely Katie at Plus+ Beauty! Her blog is amazing, and she is such a lovely girl, please go follow her if you don’t already!

With this award it’s just a matter of answering the 10 questions given to you, picking ten questions for the people you nominate, and selecting however many people you want to nominate! So let’s do this…

1. If you could travel to any one place, where would you go?
New York City I think. I’d love to do it properly though, and go when I could really afford it so I can just do what I want and buy myself a few nice things!

2. What is an item that you most want on your makeup wishlist?
Now that we’re heading into the colder months I want a really nice more full coverage high end foundation. I’ve been eyeing up the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation for so long. It actually seems like it’ll have a shade for my pale skin!

3. How long does it take you to do your makeup?
For work, maybe 5-10 minutes. But if I want to do something a bit nicer or if I’m going out, anywhere from maybe 20 minutes to 40 minutes.

4. What are your other interests besides beauty?
When I get time I love to read. There’s something amazing about getting snuggled up with a good book, a cup of tea and some biscuits, and just get lost in another world.

5. What is your favorite palette? Any kind applies.
Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. You can do so much with it. But I would love to try so many other eyeshadow palettes.

6. What store do you like to shop for clothes at the most?
I’m really not much of a clothes shopper, but if it’s anywhere it’s New Look.

7. At what age did you first start wearing makeup?
Properly, I guess when I was at high school, so maybe around the age of 12-14. I remember going shopping with my old friend Sarah to buy my first foundation (Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse)

8. What is your all time favorite brand of makeup that you wear? Can be high-end or drugstore.
Ohhh so hard. I do love MAC, and it always has a place in my heart! I own mostly Rimmel at the minute but I don’t know if it’s my ‘all time favourite’.

9. What is your favorite restaurant to eat at?
I love Harvester, and Nando’s. But I don’t really go out very often.

10. What is your favorite season?
Autumn. I’m so excited for berry lips, and coats and boots!

Thanks for those questions Katie, I hoped you enjoyed my answers, and now I nominate…

Clare’s Beauty Blog
Aspen of Mars
Beauty by Brooke Leanne

…to answer these questions!

1 – Baths or showers?
2 – Most recent beauty purchase?
3 – Read the book or watch the movie?
4 – Favourite makeup brand?
5 – Other hobbies outside of blogging?
6 – Dream travel destination?
7 – Three people dead or alive you’d love to spend the day with?
8 – Do you have a beauty product/item you will always repurchase?
9 – Favourite TV show?
10 – Favourite lipstick for a night out?

I hope you choose to accept this nomination, sorry if you’ve been chosen a thousand time! 😛 Also, (she hasn’t asked me to mention this, but) the wonderful Aspen is currently doing a cheeky Lush e-card giveaway, so if you’re interested in following a brilliant blog and getting involved in the giveaway, click here and go check it out!

Talk to you later!


13 thoughts on “The ‘Super Fun Time Excellence Good Nice Blogger Fancy Person’ Award

  1. I loved your answers! I love the naked 2 palette too! It’s lasted me so long and I’ve had it for 2 years probably! =) fall is my favorite too!! I love everything about it, the weather, the trees, the fashion, scents lol. Congratulations on being nominated and thank you for nominating me! =) ♡


    • Yeah I’ve had it for a good few years now too. Just hit pan on a shade for the first time! )’:
      Thanks so much ❤ You're welcome, I've been really enjoying your blog!


      • You’re welcome and thank you! I’ve been enjoying yours as well! =) ♡ yeah I just started hitting pan on foxy, makes the perfect matte highlight!=)


  2. I loved your answers! They were great! Thank you so much for the kind words! I really appreciate it! Thanks for doing this post as well! 🙂 xox


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