To Me, From Me. x

Hi girls.

Every now and then a girl has to treat herself, doesn’t she? And what better reason to treat myself than to celebrate getting myself a degree, as well as finding some work to keep myself busy and earn a bit of money. I’ve been working my ass off for the past month three years and all I wanted was a nice perfume. Is that too much to ask?! I was going to get myself the Paris Hilton perfume, which is a favourite of mine, and at only £18.99 for 100ml it is pretty damn reasonably priced. However, one perfume I have been longing for for over a year now is the gorgeous Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy, yet I just couldn’t bring myself to pay that much for a perfume when I had bills, food, and rent to pay (damn you Shaaanxo for making me want it so bad!) Now I’m done with uni, back at home, and have been doing not much else but waiting tables for over a month, I think I deserve a little pay day treat.


Whilst browsing the Feel Unique crazy summer sale I found, to my luck, that Viva la Juicy was part of the sale; 50ml of this gorgeous elixir was only £40.80 – the cheapest I’d seen it anywhere else. However something else caught my eye, the 100ml gift set. You got the 100ml perfume, a mini travel 10ml of the perfume, and a 125ml scented body lotion…how much, I hear you ask?! £50.40! Yep, just £10 more and you get over double the amount of perfume and a body lotion, how can you say no?! (I couldn’t, obviously) Not only that but my wonderful boyfriend found a coupon for a further 10% off sale items, so, cha-ching, my order was down to £45.36 and I still qualified for free delivery. All this together makes for one happy Becca! This set has a high street price of £63, a value of £83, and I got it for £45 – the same price as just the 50ml bottle in Superdrug.


For those of you who haven’t experienced the joy of Viva La Juicy (you’re crazy, go smell it right now!), it pretty much sums up my favourite scents all in one amazingly obnoxiously decorated bottle! Because I’m pretty awful at describing scents I visited The Perfume Shop website to find a proper description. With heart notes of honeysuckle, gardenia and jasmine; top notes of wild berries and mandarine; and base notes of amber, caramel, vanilla, sandalwood, and praline, that makes for a lot of different scents. So to summarise the best I can, it’s a beautiful mix sweet/fruity and floral, yet has a lovely warm caramel/vanilla base to it. It’s girly, yet not so sweet that it’s somewhat more sophisticated. It’s a mature sweet scent. Perhaps the transitional scent for the young adult like myself!

IMG_4852 IMG_4855

For now I can’t really comment on lasting power (though I have tried it from various department store testers and subsequently spent the rest of the day sniffing my hand), but perhaps I’ll do more of a review once I’ve road tested it for a couple of weeks, if you’d like to see that?! I just couldn’t not post about it because I’m never really one to spend so much money on myself, or treat myself like this for the past few years of student living, and so I was pretty damn excited to have something nice and had to share it with you gorgeous people!

That’s enough of me going on about Viva la Juicy, I’d love to hear what perfumes you are loving so do comment below! A few other favourites of mine are; Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, Very Irresistible Givanchy (my first ever fragrance!), Ghost, and Paris Hilton’s original, Can Can, and Heiress.

Talk to you later!



9 thoughts on “To Me, From Me. x

  1. It’s always great to treat yourself. I have one perfume that makes me unbelievably happy (not an exaggeration lol) and it’s Stella by Stella McCartney. It also comes in a gift set with the body milk. It’s gorgeous!
    I feel that I have to try Viva La Juicy now though 🙂 x


  2. Sounds very lovely! Good for you for treating yourself! Some of my favorites that I have are Clinique Happy that was a Christmas present, Estee Lauder Pleasures with matching lotion for another Christmas present lol, Then I have been also loving Harvey Prince Cherie Blossom that was kind of pricey so I bought a small one with a roller ball that was cheaper lol. Great post! ❤


    • What’s the point in earning this money if you don’t treat yourself every now and then?! 😛
      Ooh Ill definitely check them out. Some perfumes can definitely be so expensive though, I think I may have another one on my christmas list then 😛 ❤


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