15 Things I Wouldn’t Wear


When looking through the gorgeous Reify’s post on ’15 Things I Wouldn’t Wear’ I saw she tagged me to do my own version. Of course all of these things are my own opinion and if you love the things I’ve mentioned then go for it – I am not the one to take fashion advice from, believe me!

1- Bodycon dresses. These are every-fricken-where at the minute. Can a girl get a dress that doesn’t look like it’s painted on her?! I know people love bodycon, but for someone who isn’t a size nothing it just looks awful on me. Even the thought of wearing something like this has me writhing uncomfortably.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 21.30.54


Skater dress. Cute, fit and flare style is more my thing. Hides a multitude of sins!


2- Clogs. Why, oh why, are these coming back? I remember I had a pair when I was maybe 11-ish and I thought I was the bee’s knees. 10 years on I can see my mistake, I won’t be wearing these again!



Wedge heels. I’m all for a good wedge heel. They can look so fabulous but by the end of the night you don’t want to rip your feet off!

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 21.38.24

3- Heeled trainers. Whilst we’re on the topic of shoes, what is with these heels/wedges/trainers things? Aren’t trainers for running and exercise?! I just don’t get it, and I don’t like the way they look.



Converse. These come in a million (exaggeration?!) different colours and styles, and are cute and practical!


4- Tiny handbags. Can someone tell me what people put in these?! My purse is bigger than these bags so theres no way that’s going in there along with; my phone, ID, keys, various lip products, the handful of receipts smushed at the bottom…



A satchel. These are cute and compact, but at the same time theres enough space to get all the essentials in there! I’m such a lover of a good satchel.


5- Jelly shoes. Again, another throwback from my childhood in the 90’s! These are cute on kids, don’t get me wrong, but when I see adults wearing them I’m just a bit like…ehhhhhh. I would love to wear glittery, see-through jelly shoes but you look like a giant toddler! And how are they comfy?! Another one that should have stayed in the 90’s.

jelly shoes


Sandals. Maybe not as interesting as wobbly, glittery child’s shoes, but practical for hot weather and look much nicer!


6- Harem pants. These….I….I just…I don’t know why people like these. I guess they’re comfy! My old flat mates used to go on about how comfy their bright red/purple/patterned baggy crotched trousers were. Maybe they’re good for the festival season, but why in the middle of a British winter?!



Maxi skirts. I once told my flat mate my maxi skirt was my equivalent of their harem pants. So damn comfy, but these work for all seasons. With a cute top and sandals for summer, or tights boots and big jumper for winter. Sorted!


7- Slogan tops. You ain’t got ‘swag’. Swag needs to go away.




8- Uggs. I’ve never liked how Ugg boots look. Especially when they get really worn in and slip to the side, or when it rains and you just know it’s like they’re walking in wet sponges.



Biker boots. Now this is something thats probably going to end up on someone else’s list! But I much prefer a biker boot to some Uggs. It’s a fun way to spice up a cute dress or skirt.

biker boots

9- All white. I don’t know what it is about wearing all white, maybe because it’s quite a statement colour and when it’s whiteshoeswhitetrouserswhiteshirtwhitejacket I’m like whoaaaa calm down.

Sean "Diddy" Combs hosts his famous White Party at his East Hampton Mansion


A statement piece. Something like a white skirt or blouse to break up an outfit.

white skirt

10- Tartan. An old friend once bought velvet tartan trousers and thought they we’re amazing. I did not agree.



Subtle pattern. I love a good patterned piece. Something like a cute checked pattern or polka dot is much better than huge tacky tartan.


11- Bright blue eyeshadow. Since doing dance shows as a child bright blue eyeshadow just reminds me of lycra and tap shoes and over the top bronzer. I just can’t see it in an attractive way anymore!



Navy/jewel blue eyeshadow. Navy I can just about do…


12- Curved heels. Heels to me are always so sexy, and these just aren’t. It looks like she’s about to fall over!

curved heel


Stiletto heels. What’s wrong with a classic stiletto heel?!


13- Thigh-high boots. *shivers*.

thigh high


See number 8.

14- Pointed nails. These look cool, but there’s no way I could take my contacts out with devil horns on my fingertips.



Cute nail art. No matter the nail length you can have some super cute nail art. I wish I was more creative, and a lot more patient!

nail art

15- Giant hooped earrings. I’m not much of a jewellery person as it is but I’d be so afraid to rip these out with my constant hair messing.



Cute studs. Studs are no fuss earrings!


So that’s all of them! Do remember it is each to their own and one of the things on my list may be your favourite thing to wear, and to that I say ‘go for it!’. That’s the amazing thing about fashion and beauty and makeup. Don’t worry what anyone else thinks if its what makes you happy, or makes you feel comfortable.

And of course I tag everyone who reads this to take on the challenge, but to name a few (apologies if you’ve already done it):

Emma La
Plus+ Beauty

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Talk to you later!
Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 23.53.03


16 thoughts on “15 Things I Wouldn’t Wear

  1. I agree with pretty much everything. Bodycon is a bit awkward and skater dresses are SO cute, I love them! Also, biker shoes are my new found love. Love biker everything to be honest haha. Great post 🙂


    • Yes I love a skater dress. Skater skirts too – I think thats the style that suits me best. I need to get some new biker boots, we’re coming into autumn soon so that’s a good excuse I think! Haha.

      Thanks, and thanks for commenting! ❤


  2. Oh boy…. I remember my auntie had about 10 of those tiny handbags for when she went out… I still have no idea what she managed to fit in there 😀
    Great post!


    • Hahha, exactly! I can’t deal with scratching my own eyeball when my vision is bad enough already!
      Thanks so much, you should do the tag if you haven’t already! (:


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