My ‘Feel Good’ Red Lip Combo

Hi there!

Every girl who is a make up or lipstick addict has that one lip product/lip product combo that makes them feel instantly amazing, for me thats a good ol’red lip! So I thought I’d put together a post on what I’ve currently been using for my red lip.


IMG_4333Like a lot of make up lovers, years ago I went through the MAC Lipstick phase, and even now I stand by how much I love their lip sticks. They have such a good range of colours and finishes and the price point is relatively good in comparison to other high end brand. There’s also just something special about a MAC lipstick – maybe its memories of shopping in London with my best shopping buddy who lives in Northern Ireland. These three products are what I’m using as my current red lip combo and I am absolutely loving it!

IMG_4337The NYX Slim Lip Pencil in ‘Deep Red’ (retails for £3.50 on the NYX UK Store)

I must be honest and say that, even as a lover of bold lip shades, I never used lip pencils and this in fact is my first and only lip liner that I own! I did do a bit of research before I chose which pencil I wanted, but I was already a big fan of NYX and had heard great things about their lip pencils – and I definitely agree! Its smooth and creamy but doesn’t bleed and slide around, and from my experience I’ve found its pretty long-lasting, generally holding up better than my lipstick!

MAC Lipstick in ‘MAC Red’ (now retails for £15.50)

Now for the main event! ‘MAC Red’ is a ‘vivid bright bluish-red’ in a satin finish (my favourite of the MAC finishes!) which means whilst it is beautifully pigmented and thick, its a lot more moisturising than a matte finish yet does last almost as long without any staining. I find this matches relatively well with the NYX ‘Deep Red’ lip liner, yet perhaps the pencil is slightly darker, though I do find that this helps give some sort of definition to the lips.

Bourjois Effet 3D Lipgloss in shade ’06 – Rouge Democratic’ (retails for £7.99 at Boots)

Now I’ve never really been much of a lipgloss kind of girl – I find them sticky and slimy, and hate having my hair constantly stuck to my lips. I will say that I’ve found one of two lip glosses that I do now love but I don’t think I’ll ever be converted from lipsticks! This one was given to me by my old house mate because she got it free in a gift set with purchase and wasn’t going to use it. Whilst I do find that this lipgloss is definitely sticky, it really is super glossy and makes your lips look super big and juicy, and I like to use this dotted in the centre of the lips. I would most likely just stick to the liner and lipstick during the day, but if I was going out (or fancied feeling a little more glamorous at home in the evening!) I would pop a little bit of this over top.

IMG_4352NYX ‘Deep Red’ Lip Pencil and MAC ‘MAC Red’ lipstick

IMG_4357 IMG_4365
With the Bourjois lipgloss overtop

So there you go! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, click the product photos for links to where you can buy (UK). Do let me know what your go-to ‘feel good’ lip product is!

Talk to you soon!

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 23.53.03


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