Tips: Moving House


Now I’m no expert when it comes to tips for moving house, but over the past three years I have moved once a year, and will be moving again in the new year – the joys of student accommodation! So since I spent the past two days at my flat in Greater London cleaning and packing, I thought I would put together a little blog post about what I got up to with a few tips thrown in.


IMG_4288Donating furniture. When donating furniture to charity, chances are they wont take it if it doesn’t have a fire label – at least I know this is the case in the UK. Though I would say don’t be afraid to ring up and check. Our bed didn’t have labels but the charity was still willing to take it because it was only a few years old; its all to do with the materials/fabrics used in upholstered products that are over so many years old (I’m not 100% sure but that sort of the idea!). Either way, if you’re looking to donate any unwanted furniture to charity just give them a ring and let them know what you’ve got, the company we called came over with a van the same day and just took what they could use – very easy and fuss-free!


IMG_4292Every girl should have their own toolbox. Allen keys and screwdrivers are your best friend when putting together/taking apart furniture. I have a lot of stuff in my kit that I had to get for uni, but have never used, so I’d say an Allen key set, a variety of both flat head and Phillips screwdrivers, and little bits like electrical tape and a tape measure will always come in helpful.

IMG_4296Don’t leave cleaning till the last minute! Because both my boyfriend and I aren’t living at our flat at the moment it meant we only had the one day to give the flat a deep clean and believe me, if you want to do it without the panic of trying to catch an evening train then I wouldn’t attempt to do it in one go; deep cleaning the oven takes too much time on its own!

IMG_4300Boxes are your best friend. This one might seem like a no-brainer, but I know with previous moves I’ve attempted it without proper organisation and it just turns out to be a mess. Being able to pack up all those little bits you forgot about into boxes makes the whole moving thing a lot less hassle. It also helps a lot if you have the time to have everything packed ahead of time, so when it comes to moving day its just a matter of transferring everything into a car/van.

You’ve got to make a mess before you can clean a mess. Don’t start getting stressed when you end up standing in the middle of what seems like a war zone of cleaning products, furniture and packing boxes. It will get messier before it gets clean and organised so don’t fight it! A lot of the time trying to clean up the inevitable mess whilst you’re still attempting to pack/organise slows down the process when stuff gets misplaced. Sometimes its good to have everything strewn across the floor because at least you know where it is then!

Obviously my experience is only based on more of a smaller scale, having only had to move my own stuff and not a whole house hold, but the points are transferable! So either way, this was just a little update as to what I’ve been doing with my weekend.

I hope that you might have found this helpful, and that you have had a wonderful weekend.

Talk to you later!

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