Top 5: YouTubers


As I mentioned in my previous Welcome post, I have been seriously getting into YouTube for perhaps the past three-ish years, to the point where I am more likely to sit and watch my favourite YouTubers than see what’s on telle. So I thought I would compile a list of my Top 5 YouTubers that I think you should go check out. I’ll try and keep it quite varied, but I must admit I am quite the fan of the beauty vlogger community! So in no particular order…

Zoe Sugg or ‘Zoella’


Speaking of beauty vloggers, Zoe Sugg has been someone I’ve watched for quite a while now, and it seems I’m not the only one as she recently reached 5 million subscribers (huge congrats to Zoe!). Now she doesn’t technically class herself as a ‘beauty vlogger’ and with videos ranging from colabs with other big YouTube names, to giving advice on topics such as anxiety it is no wonder Zoe has managed to reach out to such a wide audience. She really is such a beautiful and positive person that you can’t not love her! 

Achievement Hunter/Lets Play

Lets Play

This is one for you gaming fans out there. Achievement Hunter – part of the Rooster Teeth company – is something that my boyfriend got me into (we even have the t-shirts), and to be honest if you are a gaming fan you probably already know about them! At first I was a little confused as to why you would want to watch a bunch of guys play video games, but honestly they are so damn hilarious and they all bring their own personalities to the mix. I would definitely recommend you go watch their Minecraft Lets Plays if you’re looking for somewhere to start. 

Saccone Jolys

Saccone Jolys

Now I’m going to blame Zoe Sugg for getting me addicted to these daily vlogs! They’re a beautiful Irish family – now living just outside of London – who give you a 15-20 minute snippet of their daily lives. Jonathan and Anna, their two kids Emilia and Eduardo, and their six little dogs are such a wonder to watch and can cheer me up when I’m having the crappiest of days. 

Alison Anderson or ‘Amarixe’

Alison Anderson

Alison is perhaps one of my favourite people and I’ve never even met her; she’s the kind of girl I wish I could be best friends with! She’s a gorgeous beauty guru who does fantastic makeup tutorials, as well as awesome DIY videos, and her beauty favourites are perhaps some of my favourite videos on YouTube. She’s so smiley and lovely, and it makes me happy to watch her videos. And we also share a big love for Pretty Little Liars. 

The Slow Mo Guys

Slow Mo Guys

Gavin (also part of Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter) and Dan are the two halves that make up the Slow Mo Guys. They smash things, break things, throw things, drop things, and shoot it all on some ridiculously high-tech camera that I could never explain to you properly without sounding like an idiot. For people who are perhaps into more science-y sorts of videos, or for anyone who enjoys seeing bubbles pop in slow motion (everyone?!), you should definitely check these guys out!

So they are my Top 5 YouTube channels that I think you should definitely go check out – click on the photos to open their channel in a new window. Please feel free to leave any suggestion for channels that you think I should subscribe to.

Hope you are having a wonderful day.

Talk to you later!

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