So I guess this is somewhat of an introduction post. Hi! I’m Becca, 21, from Leicestershire. I’ve been getting into Blogging and YouTube over the past couple of years and have always wanted to do it myself. I feel that now that I’ve finished with my university degree and have a little more guilt free spare time this is something I want to pursue. It would be truly amazing if you love my blog too, but mostly right now I’m just writing it for my own enjoyment, and because I love talking about stuff I love!

I’ve always loved writing, and have written a fair few short stories over the years, a lot of which have never seen the light of day – I even had a crack at song writing for a bit but that didn’t go so well – and I feel I need something now that can act as some sort of an outlet. I don’t feel that this blog falls into any particular genre other than just ‘lifestyle’ but I am a lover of beauty, reading, and the odd bit of video gaming. I love to sing but I know I’m awful at it and have a guitar that I still don’t know how to play. I will one day probably end up as a crazy cat lady. I love strong eye brows and red lipstick, and glitter and country music. I would rather read a book than watch a movie, and I’ll probably have not seen 3/5 movies that you name. My woman crush every wednesday is Dita Von Teese and would definitely love to steal her wardrobe. I have a wonderful boyfriend who I love with all my heart, and am back in Leicestershire with my family after spending three years in Greater London whilst studying. The hope is to move back down there when we have a little bit of money behind us, but for now its time to get a job, start saving, learn to drive, and join the real/adult/non-student world.

Hello to anyone who is reading this, and I hope I have held your attention enough to hang around for the next post.

Talk to you later!

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8 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I am just now reading this post! I was thinking to myself, “Hey! Why don’t I go a read everyone’s ‘About’ pages” lol. I need to update mine that’s for sure! I am always curious to where everyone is from and what to get to learn a little more about them. Maybe I should do a post too where I can include some more information. This page was great! 🙂 xo


    • Was so weird reading back this page! I’ve never really gone back and read old posts of mine so it was interesting! 😛 I definitely love getting to know people more, so I’d love to see you do something that like too! ❤
      Thanks! xx

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      • I actually did! I made a Welcome back too which can be found on my blog page and is also linked on my About Me page lol. ❤ You're welcome!! xx Thanks for the idea!!


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